Breakfast Tacos…

January 15, 2013

Not a recipe, but a breakfast idea…

These are so quick and easy and something a bit different for a weekend breakfast, or a lunch.


For 2 people you need;
4 corn/flour tortillas
4 eggs
salsa – I made mine with a few tomatoes, red onion, chilli and plenty of coriander
sour cream


All you need to do is warm your tortilla’s and prepare your salsa in advance, then scramble your eggs and cook.

Add the salsa and corn to the eggs when they are just cooked, then put into your tortilla, add a little sprinkle of grated cheese then dollop some sour cream on top.


Amazing breakfast and so so quick! 


A new favourite in my house. I ate two.



Topshop was a spot mentioned in Sarah Wilson’s guide to Byron Bay again and again and I was determined that we would visit for a burger one day… so on a very sunny day nearer the end of our trip (having briefly looked for it once and not found it) we finally hunted it down…

And actually it was around the corner from our B&B and it is where most of our tasty breakfast snacks, those that were not homemade, came from!

It definitely worth seeking out as it’s tucked away in amongst houses, not in the centre. It was so busy when we were there with people spilling out all over the grass outside, a proper neighbourhood favourite.

It’s a kind of rustic diner, and I loved everything about it. Inside it was all vintage signs and communal seating as well as lots of blackboards for the menus.

They make their own sourdough, love that.

The menu… I so wished this was my local cafe. I wanted to try all of it.

A big table and a huge stack of magazines. I love that.

I was all about having a burger, fries and a milkshake this day. My fresh strawberry ice cream milkshake was so great.

The burgers… so amazing. Proper good beef with all the good stuff on top.

Good fries…

My husband  tried the chicken burger, which was actually chicken breast in a bun with avocado and cheese. A good choice if you’re pretending to be healthy.

One of my favourite spots from the whole of Australia… seek it out but tell anyone I told you!

They also make cakes, breakfasts, roll and sandwiches, desserts… so much amazing food.

Topshop – Byron Bay

Cafe Kino

August 19, 2011


Back for a little one…  I visited Cafe Kino this week, a veggie-vegan cafe (I go there a lot for coffee and cake and people watching) and finally got to try their veggie burger, sadly they were out of curly fries.

I didn’t pout though, it just means I’ll have to go again soon!

Another little recommendation post for you really, because I think this place is great and you should all go visit.

It is located on the corner of Stokes Croft and Cheltenham Road, and it is great for people watching as there are stools in the huge front windows.

The cafe is lovely, really spartan but with booths (I adore booths) and an amazing tiled floor.

I love the school room type chairs.

This time I went with my Dad who is a vegetarian, we both went for the veggie burger which were lentil-beetroot type patties and were gorgeous… it came with a really nice salad garnish of leaves, sun-dried tomatoes and seeds in a really nice bap and chips of course.

I loved that my burger was purple…

They have a small selection of beer, lager and cider, plus lots of yum soft drinks including my old favourite ginger beer

The cafe is even more well-loved because it is not run for profit and is a co-operative. It is always busy when I have visited yet I have always been able to get a seat, they are currently renovating their basement space which will be used for events…

You can check out their full menu and event listings and find out more about the cafe on their website; Cafe Kino

And when you finish promise me you’ll leave room for cake, I am still thinking about a huge slice of coconut, raspberry and ginger cake I ate there last month, it was beautiful.

Bath Soft Cheese

August 2, 2011

I had to do a mini post about this cheese…

I love getting cheese from our local farmers market but I normally a stinky/cheddar kinda girl as I normally buy more in the winter but on a sunny Sunday I wanted a make a picky lunch in the garden for my Bridesmaids who were coming to try on their dresses.

So I grabbed this local brie like cheese. It was so delicious, we ate the whole lot.

Opps there goes the diet!

I love the packaging, especially the font!

And the seal on the back makes it feel extra special opening it.

I also got some amazing bread from the Bordeaux Quay stand, an apple and some crisps and hummous.

The hummous was amazing, I was being lazy but it was a good one so was okay!

You find out more about this week and where to buy it on their website here

Don’t leave it as long as I did, go grab some!

Fruity Bruschetta

July 25, 2011

On Saturday night I made such a lovely meal… even if I do say so myself yes.

To be honest the reason I can be so boasty is that I didn’t really do anything I just brought lovely ingredients and left them alone.

We had two recently married, soon to be parents over and our new housemate who is the reason why these photographs are so good. His camera is much better than mine. Thanks Bart!

So for a little nibble with champagne we have grilled peach, buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto and also fig, goats cheese and prosciutto bruschetta.

I just got some really good bread from Marks Bread, and the fruit is from Ashton Fruit Shop and the cheese from Southville Deli (all on North Street in Bedminster) and a store in Frome I visited that day.

I saved money by buying just what I needed of the good stuff, rather than lots of rubbish stuff from the supermarket, I don’t why how I always forget how good the fruit is from this shop.

I brushed the bread with olive oil, seasoned and baked in the oven for 5 minutes then griddled the peaches, just arranged (I use that word loosely) everything else on the bread.

I do realise I keep going on about grilled peaches, they are my new favourite fruit for putting in my dishes. They are especially good hot with the cool mozzarella. Delicious.