So we ate some great sushi in Thailand and some amazing sushi in Australia, and admittedly I have never been to Japan but in LA they have taken sushi and made it their own. We ate some ridiculous sushi on our first night at Ozumo which was at the top of a mall in Santa Monica.

Mall food in the US is not our mall food… for a start it was between Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s in Santa Monica Place and it’s a food court full of proper restaurants, and due to people driving most places malls are where you start, as the parking is great.

The restaurant itself is a very glamorous place.

 We started with miso soup and edamame beans… of course…

And some deep-fried squid, again we cannot resist squid. Ever.

The sushi was so pretty… and oh so light.

We picked the house speciality first; Ozumo; which is Maine lobster, mango, jalapeno, and cilantro (coriander) wrapped in tuna with spicy sesame yuzu aioli

I loved their sashimi menu, so exotic, anything you could want was on here.

Then I picked the Shacho which was grilled unagi and cucumber roll topped with crab salad, tuna, avocado and spicy mayo with sweet soy, this was amazing. I have never seen anything like it.

And although we were pretty full at this point we had to try this; the O Rainbow which are California rolls wrapped with soy paper topped with salmon, albacore, unagi, tuna, hamachi, shrimp and spicy scallop… it looked great.

So sushi in LA rocks, it’s made to be light and is the skinny starlets food of choice for a reason, we ate tons of the stuff (and besides the fried squid) all of it was super low fat, low calorie and healthy.

Whats not to love? Now we just need Bristol to catch up!

Ozumo – Santa Monica Place, Los Angeles

O-Sushi – Byron Bay

June 11, 2012

Another little recommendation from Byron Bay, and another Sushi restaurant.

O Sushi was so good, a standard conveyor belt spot.

We got involved and tried lots of favourites as well as some deep-fried sushi. Extra tasty.

Won tons…

These are quite boring but I love them so and will always pick them.

 Although I didn’t go massively adventurous I did try some new looking sushi (to me) and loved it. Anything with fresh tuna in the middle is a win.

The deep-fried sushi… making something so healthy naughty is always going to be tasty.

Always has to be done…

Sushi with deep-fried goodness on the top. I have no idea what this roll was called but it was amazing.

We also got some tempura prawns and vegetables.

Loved it, amazing Sushi… why does everyone do it better than us? The staff were lovely too, even though they were packed with a queue and people spilling out onto the street tables.

O-Sushi – Byron Bay

Sake – Brisbane

May 23, 2012

So this restaurant was one of our food highlights on the whole trip… Sake is an amazing Sushi – Japanese restaurant in Brisbane.

The space is amazing, they have private rooms as well as traditional booths and then a huge normal restaurant space with tables and chairs.

We booked ahead and got a booth, the kind you have to climb into.

We started with cocktails, and there were many. They were all great, they have a dedicated bar staff here and our waitress was great at talking us through choices and making up bespoke cocktails to our tastes.

There were 5 of us which was great as it meant we got to try lots of different things.

I love these, and have said this before, but I have to get them when I can. So simple and so good.

The plate of sashimi was definately the best I had ever eaten. Look at the colours on that fish. So fresh.

The steamed prawn dumpling. Oh my. I can still remember these. I really wish I could make them.

These are Miso-Barra lettuce cups. Little bits of miso marinated fish – barrimundi in this case.

We randomly ordered a mushroom salad but it was filled with so many exotic mushrooms cooked just so, it was brilliant and unexpectly something we all fought over.

These are crispy chicken pieces, just like KFC… joke. Served with three very different and tasty sauces. I cannot remember what they were except I like the cremy slightly hot one in the middle.

This is the Wagyu beef, marinated in ginger and soy with chives. This was intense and so so good, I ate so much of this beef I felt bad for everyone else.

My plate looks bad in this photograph but I had to show you the pink colour of the meat. It melted in my mouth.

Popcorn shrimp, so light and little tiny bite size pieces. Very dangerously good as I doubt it’s as good for you as it is light. The sauce served with it was described as a cremey spicy sauce and I think the same one I liked with the chicken.

Salt and pepper tofu was ordered purely because my husband is obsessed. It was great.

Everyones aboslute favourite and the restaurant famous signiture dish; sushi tacos served with a shot of sake. We got tuna and salmon and then ordered another lot. These were so good and the ritual of the shot make them so much fun. I loved these, and again the fish was insanely good.

This was a cocktail some of us had served with a ball of ice, they have a special machine to make this. I had to show you.

Desserts were also good but not in the same league.

I had a chocolate bomb which was so rich and nearly pushed me over the edge. The sorbet served with it was beautiful though.

A berry creme brulee.

And a make shift apple tart. Which was the best chocie I think.

If you go here all you need to know if take a big group so you can order lots, drink cocktails and sake and get the sushi tacos.


This is the view from outside. Pretty amazing huh?

Sake – Brisbane


***edit*** just found this about ice balls for whiskey, check it out;

Sukiski – Hua Hin

April 12, 2012

Sukiski is an amazing chain across Thailand of Japanese restaurants, they do an amazing sushi and soup all you can eat deal for what worked out to be about £5.


I normally hate all you can eat, but for sushi I can get down.

The conveyor belt is for soup adds.

The place was always so packed that the sushi is super fresh, I saw tray afer tray quickly emptied and replaced in the hour we were there.

The soups are fun, you get a big pot of stock on a burner in the middle of your table, picking your flavour then adding bits where you want to.

I added lots of fresh greens…

And beautiful pieces of meat, this beef was amazing.

The pork was also great.

You can serve your soup to each other in little bowls and eat until your full or the soup has gone. I didn’t quite get there though. Too much sushi.

Some of the tofu bits in Thailand looks so strange. I didn’t try these.

There is also all you can drink stations of all kinds of crazy soft drinks and an ice cream freezer where you also help yourself!

Wear comfy clothes and skip lunch!

Sukiski are all over Thailand, we saw branches in Hua Hin, Phuket (Patong) and Bangkok and are on facebook and tripadvisor.

So a few weekends ago Bristol had the most beautiful weather, sunshine, clear blue skies and it was warm enough to go out without a coat… a perfect day to mooch about in the city…

It had been a while since I had seen my old housemate Sofi. She is definately the coolest girl I know, she is a Brand Manager for Vitamin Water -if you haven’t tired this drink yet where have you been?! She is also a devoted blogger and her blog is amazing… check it here, lots of cool pics regarding music fashion and random fun stuff…

So we decided to have a girly day out, we went shopping and had Lunch at Obento, the best sushi place in Bristol…

I really recommend Obento, I had all of the above for about £12 and Monday to Thursday sushi is half price… so much better than some chain restaurants I could mention

First we ordered some edamame beans (or soy beans) to snack on while we ordered, I love how healthy Japanese meals can be, we ate so much food and although we were very full, we were full of energy and ready to shop afterwards.

I ordered the chef’s plate which means they choose the sushi, but you get sashimi as well… the plate was so pretty I (almost) didn’t want to eat it

So I got salmon and tuna sashimi, a crayfish handroll, 4 california rolls (!) and tuna, salmon, cuttlefish and octopuss nigiri plus lots of pickled ginger, which I love; the colour is just amazing.

If you have never tried sushi and are afraid of it (as I used to be) try a sushi box from Marks and Spencer first (no raw fish) and work up to the proper stuff -although I have to say I don’t think I have had the most authentic sushi I will ever have yet, I am still a bit scared… I didn’t eat the octopuss!

You could also try making your own sushi… a friend of mine makes his all the time, but then he does live in Japan, I will get some tips from him and give this a go soon and let you know how it goes…

Then we strolled off to the fountations to collect an ice cream from the stand there (another reccommendation -if you haven’t had one from there why not! Kicks cornetto’s out of the water!) before we tackled Park Street

Sushi websites… find out more!

Also give youtube a search there are lots of helpful videos if you’re making your own.