Cafe Kino

August 19, 2011


Back for a little one…  I visited Cafe Kino this week, a veggie-vegan cafe (I go there a lot for coffee and cake and people watching) and finally got to try their veggie burger, sadly they were out of curly fries.

I didn’t pout though, it just means I’ll have to go again soon!

Another little recommendation post for you really, because I think this place is great and you should all go visit.

It is located on the corner of Stokes Croft and Cheltenham Road, and it is great for people watching as there are stools in the huge front windows.

The cafe is lovely, really spartan but with booths (I adore booths) and an amazing tiled floor.

I love the school room type chairs.

This time I went with my Dad who is a vegetarian, we both went for the veggie burger which were lentil-beetroot type patties and were gorgeous… it came with a really nice salad garnish of leaves, sun-dried tomatoes and seeds in a really nice bap and chips of course.

I loved that my burger was purple…

They have a small selection of beer, lager and cider, plus lots of yum soft drinks including my old favourite ginger beer

The cafe is even more well-loved because it is not run for profit and is a co-operative. It is always busy when I have visited yet I have always been able to get a seat, they are currently renovating their basement space which will be used for events…

You can check out their full menu and event listings and find out more about the cafe on their website; Cafe Kino

And when you finish promise me you’ll leave room for cake, I am still thinking about a huge slice of coconut, raspberry and ginger cake I ate there last month, it was beautiful.

Another Summer Pasta

August 15, 2011

Another simple pasta dish for you today, another I chucked this together and it tasted good dinner!

I wanted to eat within 10 minutes after a marathon session with my trainer, and I wanted lots of food!

So you need (for two);
linguine, I used two balls per person
150g prawns
3 spring onions, chopped
2 handfuls watercress, torn up
100g peas (I used way more but I am obsessed with peas)
sprinkle of toasted pine nuts
2 tablespoons half fat creme fraiche
zest of 1 lemon

1. Cook your pasta, I never cook for more than 5 minutes as I like mine with bite, ditto with the peas I boiled mine for 2 minutes.

2. Toast your pine nuts for 1-2 minutes, keep an eye on them don’t let them burn!

3. Toss the pasta and peas with the watercress (torn up) then your prawns and spring onions then the creme fraiche, season well with sea salt and black pepper and the lemon zest and top with the pine nuts.

My I was feeling greedy that day, that’s a lot of food!

I also want to apologise in advance for the lack of posting over the next two weeks, I am now less than two weeks away from getting married and I doubt very much I’ll be cooking, even less so that I’ll be cooking anything interesting or worth blogging!

So wish me luck! I might be back I might not… otherwise I promise to share my wedding breakfast with you very soon!


The Burger Joint

August 11, 2011

A little recommendation today… The Burger Joint on Cotham Hill is great!

I love places like this, I love the whole burger and fries and a shake meal but cannot eat at those chains as I always feel unsatisfied and sick… here I felt neither.

You pick up and menu and a little tick sheet for your choices… we sat in the front with the windows wide open in the sunshine.

Endless choices for different burgers, sauces, add ons, extras, drinks and so on…

I had to get a banana milkshake, my fave! Served in the proper glasses. Swoon!

I went for a mini cheese burger and fries, perfection.

My friend went for a chicken burger and onions rings, then we swapped… winner!

I haven’t got a lot to say about the food here or lots of photographs, and I didn’t eat anything massively exciting… its burgers and fries and milkshakes and fizzy drinks and it rocks. That’s all you need to know.

I want to go back very very soon!

Find out more here… The Burger Joint


August 10, 2011

So at the farmers market on Sunday the Boy spotted that the fishmongers had some samphire, which he loves, and I had never tried… so we got some and I just wondered what you do with it?

I literally just pan-fried ours with a little olive oil and served with our Pieministers… but could you do something a little more exciting?

It’s really delicious stuff, quite salty as you would imagine as it grows by the sea and is known as sea asparagus… check out the wiki page!

It is also very expensive, that lots cost us £5 so be careful when buying because we probably did not need that much!

So what would you do with it? Is this the best way?

I am a very lucky girl… as part of my AMAZING hen weekend my bridemaids organised for us to have our very own supper club, just us!

I thought I would share the menu with you today as it was full of my favourite foods, the photos below are from Sofi, as mine were rubbish!

First we were served a small salad of smoked beetroot (smoked by the chef himself) with mascarpone and candied walnuts…

Followed by a current favourite of mine grilled peaches and prosciutto with buffalo mozzarella…

Then the main course, a fillet steak kept light with a delicious Vietnamese salad… this steak was amazing and melted in my mouth!

Look at that beef!

Then another massive favourite of mine, granita, this was flavoured with elderflower and lemon…

This was beautiful and really refreshed us for the last two courses…

The first of which was a date and macadamia nut tart with vanilla cream, something I would never order in a restaurant but this was amazing and despite being so full I couldn’t move I finished this!

And finally cheese of course! My favourites again; Keens cheddar, a Somerset brie, a local blue cheese (cannot remember where it’s from) and Cornish Yarg all with different accompaniments and parmesan crackers.


Hannah, Rachael and Sofi the Bridesmaids you rock! I will be sharing the rest of my weekend over at You Make Me Swoon.

And big thanks to Tim from Moreish the chef, who I work with on supper clubs for doing this for us, it was amazing!


August 3, 2011

A recommendation today, from Bristol of course.

As usual I must remind you that I don’t pretend to be a restaurant critic so you won’t find amazing descriptions of food just the details I liked, what I ate, what I enjoyed and a nudge to visit the same place.

I had been to Masa once before and had a sashimi plate, which I remember being good but not good enough to visit again, when I prefer another Japanese restaurant in Bristol (we don’t have many granted!) but this time I loved it, we had the Teppanyaki chef which was so fun!

We had our own little private room with the chef cooking on the hot plate in the middle of our table, and we all ordered set Teppanyaki menus.

They all came with Miso soup, which when good I love.

I cannot go to a Japanese restaurant and not have edamame beans.

I love them so much! I eat them like sweets.

Quickly gone!

Then you get a sushi/sashimi plate, this was for 3 people. All great and very fresh .

And tempura vegetables or prawns.

And more sushi…

When our chef arrived he started the show by turning off the lights and making fire on the frying plate!

I had never watched this kind of thing before and it was really cool, he did loads of fun little tricks and was really showing off.

To make egg fried rice he fried the eggs, then mixed them up and rolled them like omelettes before flipping them with his knives into a massive ball of rice so that bits of omelette were flying through the air… none hit us though.

Then he made a heart… love that.

I nearly always order plain rice so this was amazing, I couldn’t tell you if it was great egg fried rice compared to others as I never eat it but I really enjoyed mine, I ate most of it before anything else was ready.

We also had teriyaki prawns… HUGE prawns!

Teriyaki Salmon…

 And teriyaki beef… oh gosh that beef was gooooood.

Then some vegetables… at the point I was fit to burst! So much food.

Then they brought out a little fruit platter for us all, with a little scoop of ice cream with was the perfect thing after all that fried food.

Love Masa, love  Teppanyaki… would definitely do that again.

Our set menus were £23-£25 and you get a huge amount of food plus entertainment from the chef, ours was lovely accommodating a vegetarian very well, and he was very funny joining in with banter on the table.

So yes, go visit the lovely people at Masa, I have to say as well the service was amazing. I haven’t had service that good for a while!

I also had to share a photograph of the Birthday cake, the lucky man’s girlfriend got him actual fireworks in the top, so cool!

Bath Soft Cheese

August 2, 2011

I had to do a mini post about this cheese…

I love getting cheese from our local farmers market but I normally a stinky/cheddar kinda girl as I normally buy more in the winter but on a sunny Sunday I wanted a make a picky lunch in the garden for my Bridesmaids who were coming to try on their dresses.

So I grabbed this local brie like cheese. It was so delicious, we ate the whole lot.

Opps there goes the diet!

I love the packaging, especially the font!

And the seal on the back makes it feel extra special opening it.

I also got some amazing bread from the Bordeaux Quay stand, an apple and some crisps and hummous.

The hummous was amazing, I was being lazy but it was a good one so was okay!

You find out more about this week and where to buy it on their website here

Don’t leave it as long as I did, go grab some!