My First Market

December 7, 2011

*I should also add that I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as much as I thought, we’ve had computer issues! Will hopefully be blogging again now.*

The markets in Thailand, as some of you will know are crazy good.

We found one just outside of Friendship Beach one evening and legged it over to take photos and drool over beautiful vegetables, fish, meat and cute sweet treats.

I just wanted to show you, if you didn’t already know how colourful and amazing they are.

The colours of the fruit and vegetables are beautiful.

The seafood and fish. Just ridiculous. I have never seen prawns so big, and so many fish, crabs and lobsters still alive, and trying to get away.

I don’t even know what the things in the shell are, and the stall holder couldn’t speak English, anyone know? They are crazy!

And the fast food… such an amazing choice and all so pretty wrapped up in banana leaves.

The fast food and take away food choice in Thailand is amazing, and cheap too. The food is good and tasty. How often can you say that about take out in the UK. It’s generally not cheap either. The culture of food is so different here, for many reasons but I think the weather, being able to be outside is a big factor.

Something I loved, the fact you can get sushi and dim sum here, again so cheap! And the dim sum, a pain in the bum to eat on the go certainly not as elegant as eating in a restaurant but damn it’s tasty! Didn’t try the sushi here, my western nerves not quite strong enough!

Eating on the go, snacks anyway, is huge here. You can get anything on a stick. They particularly love meat on a stick.

The Husband got some BBQ squid on a stick, it was way too spicy for me (wimp) but it said it was and I quote some ‘tasty s***’ s there you go!

They have these Thai scotch egg things everywhere, I still haven’t found out what they are. I’m scared after trying a salt egg to eat one.

These doughnuts looked amazing! I went back for one later. Gone.

So this was my first market but we have been to many since , I even had a tour around one with a guide to tell me about all the vegetables, herbs, pastes, fish etc which was very cool so you’ll have more markets posts yet!