Breakfast Tacos…

January 15, 2013

Not a recipe, but a breakfast idea…

These are so quick and easy and something a bit different for a weekend breakfast, or a lunch.


For 2 people you need;
4 corn/flour tortillas
4 eggs
salsa – I made mine with a few tomatoes, red onion, chilli and plenty of coriander
sour cream


All you need to do is warm your tortilla’s and prepare your salsa in advance, then scramble your eggs and cook.

Add the salsa and corn to the eggs when they are just cooked, then put into your tortilla, add a little sprinkle of grated cheese then dollop some sour cream on top.


Amazing breakfast and so so quick! 


A new favourite in my house. I ate two.



Tower of Power Breakfast

September 7, 2012

This recipe is not my own, I so wish it was.

I saw this on one of the many many food blogs I read, but one of my go to for awesome healthy food; My New Roots not only are the recipes healthy Sarah tells you why each ingredient is good for you… meaning you gain knowledge every time you cook with her recipes.

You can see the full recipe and photographs here

We needed fuel for a day of painting so I thought this was a great opportunity to make this…

My slightly simplified version… 

For 3-4 you need:
2 large sweet potatoes
2 large red onions
spinach ( a big handful for each person)
cherry tomatoes (5-6 per person)
seat salt
black pepper
olive oil
1 egg per person
brown sugar
dried chilli flakes

1. Slice up your sweet potato and roast in the oven at around 220c for 20-30 minutes, making the edges go crispy and ensuring that the larger pieces are cooked through
At the same time saute your onions, slowly, add a little sugar for some extra sweetness.

2. Add some olive oil to a small saucepan and chuck in the tomatoes, put on a low heat and pop the lid on and cook until they are bursting. Watch these don’t burn, this will take 10-15 minutes but do it as slowly as possible.

When these bits are all done, Sarah suggests putting them all in a baking tray in the oven to keep warm… good thinking!

3. Saute your spinach in the same pan you did the onions, this will take 1-2 minutes… pop to one side while you poach your eggs the pile it up and enjoy…

Season with salt and pepper and chilli flakes if you have them!

Very filling and so good…

It’s a little faffy but very easy… try it at the weekend when you have plenty of time. 

Something for the weekend…

This breakfast is so good I have had it the past two Saturdays, bit now I am out of brioche and I cannot buy more (man that stuff is good) so it’s up to you guys to give it a go now.

You need;
1 loaf of the best brioche you can get your hands on (for 2 slices per person)
1 egg per person (we used Burford Browns of course)
2 rashers of bacon per person
some mixed berries
maple syrup – this is essential!

It’s easy, I am sure you have made eggy bread before… that’s all it is.

1. First get your bacon grilling… then slice your bread, whisk the eggs in a large shallow bowl and heat a large non-stick frying pan. I didn’t use any oil and I don’t think the egg needs it but to be extra naughty use a little butter

2. Dip your bread in the egg and make sure each slice is well coated before frying for 2-3 minutes each side – don’t forget your bacon…

3. Pile the goodies up on your plate, bread, then bacon then berries then syrup and take it with you to the table you might need (you will want) more.

So lush, how will I top that this weekend? 

I always make eggs at the weekend, during the week all I eat is weetabix and berries so eggs and toast with proper coffee is my weekend ritual and I adore it.

The favourite is always the classic poached eggs (I am obsessive about the perfect poached egg) and always with Burford Browns – I will use my whole lunchtime to trek 45 minutes to get this, and I cannot go back to normal eggs and bacon from our local butcher which also rules.

Then I saw this recipe on Cup of Jo and decided to try something new…

You need;
for the mushrooms:
2 teaspoons olive oil
1 cup mushrooms, I used chestnut, use the earthiest you can get
1 garlic clove, finely chopped
Salt and pepper to taste
for the eggs:
4 large eggs
2 tablespoons half fat crème fraiche
1 teaspoon olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
handful of chives, finely chopped

In a large pan, heat the olive oil over medium heat and cook the mushrooms, with the garlic, until the mushrooms are just beginning to soften. Don’t burn the garlic!

At the same time… scramble your eggs and mix in the crème fraiche and season with salt and pepper. In a smaller non-stick pan, heat the olive oil over medium heat, add the scrambled eggs and gently stir them with a wooden spoon as they cook. Cook them until they are the consistency you like then add the chives and serve over toast with the mushrooms on top.

I called them Richy Rich because they really are, I am so glad I didn’t use full fat crème fraiche. I think it’s partly to do with the amazing Burford Browns though.

Chorizo Hash

June 11, 2010

This is a chorizo and potato hash of sorts… a recipe I have adapted to make a Spanish style dinner.

I had brought some chorizo at the farmers market in Bedminster a couple of weeks ago, the chorizo is made in Bath by Bath Pig and wanted to find a way to use it so I could really taste it, i.e. not in a stew.

The company is based just outside and Bath run by two friends who wanted to make their own chorizo (and other products) using free range British pork. I brought the standard chorizo (they also do part-cooked and extra spicy) and it was really good I definitely recommend this chorizo, and the best thing is you know exactly where it came from!

Chorizo Hash – Serves 2
2 medium potato’s chopped into chunks (I also added some leftover roasted sweet potato chunks)
1/2 red pepper chopped into strips
1/2 green pepper ” ”
1/2 yellow pepper ” ”
1 chorizo sausage from Bath Pig chopped
1/2 can tinned chopped tomatoes
1 tbsp tomato puree
punnet cherry tomatoes (the best you can get)
sea salt and black pepper
fresh chillies (as many as you like)
chopped garlic – 2 cloves chopped/crushed
1 red onion chopped
2 eggs (optional)

1. Roast the tomatoes in the over until they spilt and are cooked through (about 15-20 minutes at 180) and boil for potatoes until they are almost cooked
2. Heat some oil in a large pan (or wok) and pan fry the potatoes for 2-3 minutes, then add the onion, cook for a further 3-4 minutes then add your peppers and chorizo, add some chilli if you like
3. At the same time add your roasted tomatoes to your chopped tomatoes and puree in a saucepan and heat and add the chopped chilli and garlic
4. Finally poach your eggs, serve the pan-fried mix piled on a plate with the tomato sauce drizzled all over and the egg on top.