I want to share an event with you that is coming up, apologies to non-Bristol residents!

I went to the last Storytelling night at Thali last time and really enjoyed it so recommend you go along if you can!

So the idea is you book a table at the Totterdown Thali cafe to eat delicious authentic Indian food.

It is great value, I don’t think anything is more than £9 and you get so much food for your money, I was stuffed!

Then after you have had your fill of food you head upstairs to listen to stories from Saikat Ahamed who is the 2010 Bristol Storytelling Festival Story Slam winner… they say “Come along for an evening of stories from his motherland and be transported by tales of Gods, Demons, Fishermen and Monkeys!”

Check out my blog about our evening there here and book your place now, I got the last two spots last time and the place was packed! Booking is essential.

Check out Thali Cafe or call 0117 933 2955 to book

Full as an Egg Suppers

February 28, 2011


I am back at work after my break and feel so refreshed and raring to get back to it.

It is with that I can finally announce that I have been asked to host a supper!

A friend of mine who is a professional chef has asked to team up… so he will cook, I will help and learn, and I will decorate the table and look after you all… I hope you can come!

Space is very limited for a our first dates, which are Thursday 17th March and Friday 18th March and will be £25 and the location is in Knowle at the chef’s beautiful house, please email fullasaneggsuppers at gmail dot-com if you would like to come along…

The location and full menu will be announced nearer to the event.

We have big future plans for our venture, and I cannot wait for our first one!

We are looking to serve at least 5 courses… I will let you know more as and when we have decided.

Very excited.

The Vegan Fair

June 14, 2010

Every year Bristol holds several mini festivals on its harbourside dedicated to food (lucky us!) and a few weekends ago it was a festival dedicated to Veganism.

There were lots of stalls dedicated to food but there was also books, cosmetics, clothing… I loved this tee, although I have to add I agree with the sentiment but it’s not something I would wear!

Plus demonstrations, cinema and talks about all kinds of things not just to do with what to eat but the food industry, climate change, how to live ‘green’ etc.

The Vegetarian and Vegan Society’s were also there to offer support and tips on becoming/being a good vegetarian/vegan.

Being Vegan is a huge decision and one that affects your life, making finding food to eat on the go quite difficult.

When eating out you can normally find one option on normal restaurant menus, and even then you will normally have to adapt the choice in some way (e.g. no cheese/cream), but if you eat Indian or Middle Eastern then your choice is much wider.

Spice up your life is also stand in St Nicks Market, which is essentially a little indoor market of different food stands (although there are other parts with stands selling all sorts) and a good choice for a huge but healthy curry at lunch.

This stall was selling curry in a cone…

With most curries being vegan, plus the choices of sides such as bhajis and samosas means you can eat lots of yummy food without feeling like you are missing something.

When we had or first vegan week the Boy got very excited when he realised he could have bhajis with some chutney!

I LOVE Mexican food, and this stand was so colourful, I have a bit of a bunting obsession…


 The Thali Cafe were there too, they have a mini-chain of 4 restaurants around Bristol and are so so good, really fresh well made Indian food that is mega cheap. I had lunch at the one in Clifton with a friend last month for £4!

Their glittery gold banner is their trademark look…

Thali food is always so pretty…

Cafe Maitreya were there selling gourmet sandwiches, this is a little restaurant in Easton which serves the most original beautifully presented vegetarian food I had ever seen and eaten, I hope to go there again soon so I can share with you.

There were so many pretty originally named stands, I had to take pictures of them, this one was selling jacket potatoes…

This one was selling coffee and cakes in a little old school van
(the name reminds me of a Kelis song which is why I liked it so much, flossy being used as a descriptive word being real good, as in check my flossy shoes!)

This stand was cute too, junk food for veggies, burgers and chips, but mostly ‘fake’ food…

There were also drinks stands, this had vegan hot chocolate and whipped cream and an extra cute stand…

This stand were making fresh lemonade and were finding it quite hard to keep up with the demand…


This stall had vegan wine and cider, also organic and locally produced, yum!

I have had Vegan phases in the past, once for about 3 months when I had read a book of horror stories about the food industry in the US and decided I couldn’t bear to drink milk or eat cheese etc anymore (I soon forgot about the book though) and I occasionally have a vegan week with the Boy when we feel we need a bit of a detox (you can find Vegan wines and beers but it’s not easy) and you eliminate most naughty foods in one fell swoop, the rules are easy!

Once you get used to eating different things it’s okay, and the fair was very interesting for me as I have an interest in this but you are a hardcore carnivore then it’s not an event I would recommend!

The one thing I don’t agree with is ‘fake’ meat and substitute cheeses and yogurt. They are never going to be the same as the real thing and there are so many vegetables, pulses etc to use instead of animal products.


I will post some vegan recipes soon, a chilli I eat a lot, a South Indian coconut curry that happens to be vegan if you leave out the fish and an amazing Rastafarian Curry that I made for Caribbean night recently.