I now know how to make pasta.

This is a dangerous skill, for my waistline I mean. Especially when I make pasta and then serve it with butter over the top.

Hop on over to You Make Me Swoon for todays recipe.

It is really very good and I learnt it at The Square Food Foundation which is also very good and doing great things for food in Bristol. Go check them out.

Out of Office…

August 9, 2012

image from Ragdale Hall

No posts for the rest of this week, I am going to give us all a break from my honeymoon updates and go away for the weekend.

My mother-in-law, sister-in-law and I are off to a spa for some pampering.

This trip is much needed… I felt like I was about to have a break down on Wednesday.

Back Monday… hope you all have a lovely weekend!


My longest blog title ever.

In order to give you all a break from Thailand posts (I am nearly done I promise) and because we have a long weekend coming up I thought I would share some ideas for a big brunch.

I made this for my Husband and Mum on mother’s day and both dishes are easy and can be prepped in advance.

So quantities here are rough, I made double the potato mixture and ate them again the next day.

Potato Pancakes
You need for 2
2 medium potatoes
50-100 ml semi skimmed milk (add as little as this or more if you need it)
glug of olive oil
4 spring onions, chopped
seat salt and cracked black pepper

1. Boil your potatoes, I like to leave the skin on, until they are cooked through then mash with the olive oil and get them as smooth as you can. Warm your milk and add little by little mashing more as you go, this will give you even smoother mash (despite having skins in there), finally season and add the spring onions.

At this point I popped the mash in the fridge until the morning of the brunch, where I then shaped into little pancake shapes ready to fry.

2. Heat your frying pan with a little olive oil and fry for 3-4 minutes each side.

Done… easy!

I served these with some smoked salmon and poached eggs… I know I have talked about this before but these are Burford Brown eggs and they really are amazing.

One of my egg yolks actually separated from the white, but it still came out running and didn’t break. This so wouldn’t happen with normal eggs.

I served them with some Portobello mushrooms and tomatoes which I roasted in the oven for 25 minutes.

To make the mushrooms a little special I just sprinkles some herbed breadcrumbs on top. I mixed some dried oregano and basil in with the crumbs. Again simple, simple but something different to make the brunch feel special. 

Happy Friday!

March 16, 2012

I am so happy because it’s Friday… 9-5 jobs do that to a girl.

Anyway a little round-up from this week…

A quick, easy and very tasty dinner recipe

A tour around a Thai market

A recipe for a Thai soup – Tom Jeud

Also go check out what been happening on Swoon

A little blog about our visit to Hua Hin

Some ideas about getting creative

Would you wear a crown of flowers?

Another Thailand blog, this time we’re in Ranong

A sentiment all freelancers should consider

I hope it’s been a good week for you all, it’s been tough for me with lots going on so looking forward to some downtime this weekend, I am seeing friends tonight wine might be involved there, seeing more friends and their beautiful children tomorrow before a date night with my Husband and then a day spoiling my Mama on Sunday for mother’s day; brunch, flowers, tea and cake, plus shopping all on the agenda.

What are your plans for mother day? Are you making anything nice or going out to eat?


Happy Friday

October 28, 2011

Today is my last day at work for 3 months.

3 months off!

I am going on a MEGAmoon with my Husband.

I haven’t seen him for a whole month.

This weekend I will be hanging out with my Bristol crew as much as possible, and packing.

At some point I definitely need to pack!

Forgive me for this boastful post. I am a little excited.

(Gif spotted here on Swiss Miss)

The Ethicurian

October 27, 2011

So most of Bristol know and love this place already, it took me a little while longer to get out there…

I finally made me when Mum and I made a trip to Cornwall and I suggested we have breakfast here before hitting the road.

It was such a good idea, even if I do say so myself.

The cafe is in a beautiful walled garden just outside of Bristol.

This is view of a beautiful Somerset valley is one of my favourites, some friends have recently moved out this way and I absolutely love driving over the hill past the airport and into this valley.

So I was hoping to make another visit before I left to eat lunch so I could show you more than breakfast, make it a proper blog but alas there will be no second visit this year (sad face)

Seriously love it here. I am definitely going to visit in the spring when I return. I bet it’s lovely here in spring.

My Mum had eggs Florentine which she enjoyed very much, with a proper hollandaise, no gloopy sauce here.

I of course had the full english breakfast, the bacon and sausages were amazing (I need to find out where they get them from) and eggs perfect, and served on my favourite Marks Bread. Delicious, just enough to make me fall asleep in the car, all lovely and dozey. Sorry Mum.

It was quite large and I will admit I saved a sausage for later in my bag, it was even better cold, starving off my lunchtime hunger till even later.

Maybe I should have given the lovely dog my sausage. But I thought that would encourage bad customer bothering behaviour so I kept it for myself. Sorry Dog.

I am such a loser I even loved the toilets here, very cute mirrors and photographs in a little building outside.

They also have their very own orchard.

Where they make their own juice! We brought a few bottles for presents to our Cornwall friends.

A lovely outdoor area that I bet is a lovely place to spend a summer’s day.

There was a wedding here the night before, you can tell… there was a marquee still up (looks like a very pretty place to get wed) and a secret bottle of Jack Daniels we found in the bushes. (we left it there by the way, I hate Jack)

I would love to go to a wedding here.

Seriously let’s take another look at that view. I could never get used to that beautiful valley, even on a moody autumn day the view is amazing.

I love West Country I do.

So yes go visit! I haven’t even touched on the food and how they run their cafe… visit their website to find out more.

They have won awards too you know.

Check them out here; The Ethicurian and The Walled Garden

We found this amazing  beach club on a day trip out that went quite badly at first!

We headed out to check out Portimão, a big town with beaches and shops. On arriving we realised it was a heavy tourist area, all high-rise hotels and apartments and tacky shops and bars.

We had a little walk along the main strip then headed back to the car and decided to try to find the marina.

I am so glad we did!

It was a world away from the main town, with all kinds of yachts! We all picked out our favourite.

Here is mine, an old fishing baot made up all pretty!

So we decided to stop for some lunch and spotted the No Solo Agua Club, we all immediately decided this was the place.

Anywhere with cabana’s is immediately a favourite of mine, there is just something about the idea of spending a day on one of this big beds in the sun by the sea that I love.

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to use the pool on this day, but I could have happily spent the whole day and night here.

The club promoter in me so wanted to throw a party here, or at least go to one.

The food was pretty great too.

We had calamari… with a fresh tomato sauce

A Caprese salad; a huge stack of the juiciest tomatoes and the most amazing mozzarella I have had in a long time.

I ordered a sushi place, and I am not sure if it was the setting and the sunshine but this sushi was the best I have ever had (bearing in mind I have never been to Japan!) I think the freshness of the fish did it.

A seafood stew, in a kind of taco!

Roasted salmon…

Seabass (we’re all about the fish today)

We also made room for pudding, even in the heat.

Crème brûlée

A huge slab of tiramisu…

Massive profiteroles!

A very modern apple tart.

And a beautiful pannacotta.

We loved it here so much we decided to return on our last day, and sadly for us it was closed for a wedding (what a spot for it!), however they also have a more casual restaurant next door on the beach so we went there… and I’ll share that with you tomorrow!

If you are in the area go and spend a day here, it’s lovely. I imagine in high season it is the place to be but it was dead quiet in the pool when we were there, I am booking my ticket for next September now!

No Solo Agua Club