Excuses, excuses

January 2, 2012

So my trip blogging has failed. Badly.

Sorry! I am rubbish. Basically the Internet is not my friend, and when it is actually working it is slow. So it takes hours to upload photos. I gave up in Thailand, thinking I would be able to catch up in Australia when I was only moving on once a week, but actually the Internet connections were better in Thailand!

I am now in New Zealand and we move on every other or every two days.

So here I am facing facts that I have failed.

Oh well at least I can spend the next six months at home reliving my trip!

I do have lots to share.

I don’t want to start blogging Australia or New Zealand when I was still blogging Thailand so I’ll just wait. So I’ll be back here mid February.

There are better things to be doing on a trip like this than spending hours in front of a computer.