is through his stomach! Isn’t that what they say?

After Christmas I think Valentines is possibly my favourite holiday (much to the dismay of the Boy) you may have guessed as  such by now.

Last year I made heart shaped oat cakes and got a yummy heart shaped goats cheese from Trethowans Dairy… and we had a cheese feast…

Yes those really are heart shaped sparklers…

It made him laugh at least, and who doesn’t love cheese even if it is heart shaped…

To make these oatcakes…
You need;
250 g medium oatmeal or 250 g porridge oats
1 pinch salt
1/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 tablespoon lard, melted (or butter)
75 -200 ml hot water (which has been recently boiled)

Preheat oven to 200C/400°F. 

1. Put the oats, salt and baking soda in a bowl. 

2. Make a well, pour in the lard and stirring with a wooden spoon, add in enough of the hot water to make a stiff dough. If you’re using oatmeal, you should need about 75 ml; with porridge oats, you may need as much as 200 ml.

3. Knead it for a while to make it come smoothly together, then roll out as thinly as you can. and cut into triangles or rounds. 

4. Bake on an ungreased baking sheet for 15-20 minutes, or until the edges are turning golden-brown and the oatcakes themselves are firm (they’ll crisp up on cooling). Remove to a wire rack to cool.

These are so easy to make, you’ll never buy ready made again!

I know Valentines is a month away but I am a planner so am looking at things to do this year.

I would love to copy Cherry Menlove and make a hearty (ha! sorry) breakfast…

However it is on a Monday this year, I don’t know about you but I don’t think I could eat a big breakfast first thing on Monday before heading off to the office, so that’s out…

Personally I think Valentines should be all about Champagne, I have a  thing for bubbles (as in, any excuse to pop a cork)… Perrier-Jouet is my number one love. 

Again I must remember this is Monday, there’s nothing quite like a Champagne headache (on our first Valentines we drank 3 bottles!)… and Tuesdays are painful enough…

So I think maybe I will make some special cupcakes and coffee…

 If you have any recipes then let me know!

I am thinking these… from my hummingbird book, my colleagues may get the benefit too!

Another idea that is SUPER easy is to make some brownies…

And dust your love a little heart on top…

My brownie recipe is here. This time I just left out the cherries and chucked a load of giant chocolate buttons in.

Brownies are seriously easy, take maybe 30 minutes in total, you could even cut them into heart shapes… and serve them in this cute printable form Twig and Thistle

Sorry I am getting carried away with the hearts again… the thing is there would be lots of edges and cutting to eat… not a bad idea after all huh?

Sending love…

January 19, 2011

I have always loved stationary and since reading blogs like Oh So Beautiful Paper and Paper Crave that love has grown…

I mostly love buying people cards, something I get from my Mum who always searches for that perfect card for your birthday and Christmas, at Graduation and sometimes for no reason at all… it’s something I love to do.

There are some beautiful cards around for Valentines… step away from Clinton Cards with those cheesy lines, buy a beautiful piece of letterpress that can be treasured and kept forever, write your own heartfelt message, it will mean the world to your special someone!

So here are a few of my favourites… once again we are with Etsy for a few of these.

Some soppy…

This one is simple and oh so cute… a good one for a best friend from Steel Petal Press

Or this one….

For the one who thinks the Sandy and Danny saga is the greatest love story… from Richie Design

Simple, but says it all from Green Grass Press

And this one, Bee Mine!

This one is from B Designs… passionate!

This one from Beau Ideal

A big kiss from Paisley Dog Press

And this one from dude and chick for all the writers out there…

And some not so soppy…

I love this one from Sycamore Street Press…

And this one, which has a naughty hint…

This one is brilliant… not a heart in sight, from Smock Letterpress

This one says it all, although not one for vegetarians… from Richie Design

A very modern card… from Paisley Dog Press

And finally for those of you who haven’t made your mind up about who you want to be your Valentine, this set of three from Chewing the Cud is brilliant

Or this set from Rifle Paper Co, one of my favourite stationary shops (I am so getting business cards from them soon!)

This is the one I gave last year, from Ruth Springer Design… ‘My Heart is in your hands’

I love pop up cards!

I hope you find a great one, I already have mine I haven’t shared it here but its amazing (Don’t want a certain someone to see!)

I actually have two because I couldn’t decide… I’m just surprised I stopped at two with all these beauties… how very restrained of me ;)


The key to my heart…

January 18, 2011

My second valentines posts is a little Etsy gift guide… a few gems I have found.

I adore Etsy, I find such beautiful things on there, and I get most of my cards from here (card guide coming very soon!)

It’s a website that gives a marketplace to independent sellers, which is why I love it so. Most of the sellers are in the US, and they are loving letterpress over there so there is tons on here.

Here you go… some beautiful gift ideas… get to Etsy and have a look around there is so much more, I am merely scratching the surface here

A lovely decorative bowl, from Palomas Nest

Flowers are always the best gift, not cheesy boys! But these will last forever… from handmadecollectables

A cute heart wand for a girly gift… this would be nice for my God-Daughter… from Imagination Kids

This amazing key and heart gift… from Art Mind

And these would be useful and they’re too cute! From beehivekitchen

And in the theme of making and crafting you could make the best wrapping paper with this stamp… or your own card, from Nora Jane

A very cute idea… a Heart factory!! From Pearson Mason

Or this naughty print from Linocutboy… my favourite, and not too slushy!

A very cute play on words… from Tortoise Loves Donkey

Or send someone far away a message in a bottle from Miniature Rhino

Etsy is great and the creativity on there is amazing, enjoy!

This is the start of a few Valentines posts… be warned I might get soppy! Look away for a few days if you are not into all this Valentines hype!

I will still post a few recipes too

Look at all these pretty things I want to wear on Valentines…

This jumper and tee from twostringjane on Etsy…

Or these amazing sweats from one of my favourite brands Wildfox (from Harvey Nicks and ASOS)…

Or this cutie tee to show how you feel…

with a bright red skater skirt

Finished off with red lipstick and this… reeeally want this!

Or this kicky beret from Zara Carpenter

And finally these are the cutest! From Stella McCartney

Cute right?

Perfect for a date or just to make Valentines day more lovely…

If you’re cooking for your other half then keep it light and easy, don’t make so much food all you want to do is slob out and sleep!

Some things I might cook;
Pear Crostini
Red Chilli Fish Patties
Lemon, Chilli and Mint Chicken
Mackeral and Spring Onion Risotto
Cherry Brownies
Little Chocolate Puddings
or there’s a whole menu here if you want to spoil someone

Or even better don’t cook at all order in some dim sum or sushi, get some champagne and put on some Barry White! Obento deliver in Bristol now :)

If you do want to go out, and just go straight for cocktails at Harvey Nicks and then get chips on the way home from Christmas steps!
Balance out the posh with the best chips in the city…

or try The Rummer my absolute favourite bar in Bristol, book yourselves a sofa by the fire, get a bottle of red and a cheese platter to share and stay there all night…

or for a really fun, casual date go to the Coronation Tap and get silly drunk on very strong cider before a walk back through Clifton village… make sure you eat dinner before this one!
(this might be my favourite idea!)