Cabbages and condoms is a bit of an institution in Bangkok, several people told me I must go and when I arrived Adam had already been with Jack once and was keen to go again.

The strange name is explained…

Here are the cabbages.

The strange thing about this place is the many ‘sculptures’ made from condoms… they are all through the entrance and make it smell of rubber a little. Nice.

Hi Santa.

Who knew you could make a wedding dress from condoms.

Even the lights didn’t escape.

Also lots of safe sex advice on the walls.

So basically to explain the name the restaurant is part of a non-profit organisation that promotes safe sex and family planning in Thailand. These kind of charities are massively important in countries where contraception is not widely used.

You can read more here

Once you are inside the restaurant opens up into a beautiful courtyard, and is huge with many rooms going up and around here as well.

There was traditional Thai music played while we ate.

The food is the reason most people visit, and they do make great (Thai) food. I have nothing more to say than that really… go!

We all ordered Tom Yum soup which came in a huge vat and was served to us at the table into smaller bowls.

I ordered a big pile of dim sum as well, I ordered it as much as I could in Thailand. Again it’s something you can’t really get in Bristol (I don’t know where to look really)

The classic Papaya Salad.

Masaman Beef curry. This really was a dinner of classics, nothing exciting here.

Of course we had to try the Pad Thai, always good.

We also got some stir fried vegetables. There were three of us and we ordered way too much food but it’s such good value here you really have to dive in.

And still the dishes kept coming, this was stir fried beef with chilli and vegetables.

And we ended with the favourite dessert of all time (from my Husband) mango and sticky rice. I really should learn how to make this.


So when in Bangkok you really should visit Cabbages and Condoms, give some money to charity have a great dinner and enjoy the fun restaurant.

And yes they really do give out tons of condoms!

Cabbages and Condoms

One of my favourite things about Bangkok was the food, the sheer number and range of places to eat from tiny carts on the side of the street to rooftop restaurants and even mall food is good here.

A very popular spot that our friend Jack took us to was After You, I mean it was a week night at about 10pm when we went and it was rammed. It was full of young Thai’s on dates and in groups. Such a nice hang out spot.

Jack advised that it was all about the Shibuya Toast, and literally freaked when we tried to order one each. We found out why when it arrived.

They also do the normal Thai thing of bringing a sweet tea when you arrive. Love that.

The huge number of desserts had me stumped. So many to choose from, and they all were so different to what we get here. I wanted to try so many.

In the end I managed to make a decision, we also ordered iced teas.

So this is the toast. Do you see that? Coma inducing toast.

Seriously after this the boys ended up crashing hard, it was insane, the sugar sweats and then food coma.

I was more sensible and ordered a strawberry iced tea…

And a green tea layer cake. Beautiful cake. So light and can you see those tiny layer? No idea how that can be done.

YOu really MUST go to After You if you visit Bangkok, it’s really easy to find in the Thong Lor district (uber trendy lively area)

Also would love to know has anyone tried Shibuya toast?

We hit Bangkok! Our last stop in Thailand, we spent 5 days here and you can read about our time here

One of my stand out memories was going to the club that you must visit when in Bangkok, it’s the one all my friends play when they come here, the hot spot I guess. Unfortunately no-one I knew was playing when I was there, I missed Die by a week… so annoying!

So the music wasn’t for us, but the DJ did play a Rhianna track so I was happy for all of 3 minutes and we had fun getting drunk with our friend Jack who lives in the city.

So on our way home we had to stop for some late night snacks, Jack said this mexican was a late night favourite, and I am always happy to eat Mexican food.

The place is in a square of full on neon.

I love places with tick-box menus. SO organised.

Chip me up.

I was drunk so it may not be the best Mexican, and you are in Thailand so you could go for late night street food but I loved the tacky neon… go visit after Bed; Sunrise Tacos

This is what we need at home, I know Bristol is a small city but there is no where good to eat after 11. NO where!

Correct me if I am wrong.

Night Market in Hua Hin

April 19, 2012

This is my last post from Hua Hin before we move on to Bangkok, our last stop in Thailand!

I must apologise for a couple of days of silence, with a very busy few days at work and out of work I just haven’t had a chance to post let alone write.

So anyway my last recommendation for Hua Hin is to check out the many night markets, we went very hungry which is more than necessary to the biggest which is near the mall and sells food as well as having more permanent stalls selling clothes, make up, motorbikes (really) and sadly also a pet store which was horrendous, poor dogs in tiny cages made me cry. Avoid!

But the food stalls were amazing we started at the front and walked around once before walking back around and trying little bits from as many stalls as possible.

The only way to eat at a market.

One thing I did refuse was bugs… I am just not into bugs, I definitely don’t feel the need to eat them.

There were so many BBQ stalls, this chicken was pretty amazing, sticky and sweet. One tip bring wet wipes with you.

Dim sum, you gotta get the dim sum. It looks crazy weird and colourful but it great.

And spring rolls, deep-fried. Not much health food available here but oh these were so good, served with sticky chilli sauce. Amazing.

My husband had to get squid, I couldn’t handle it as it came whole. I am a wimp about that stuff.

And our last dish which finished us off was called fried green stuff. Serious. It was okay but definitely not good for you. We didn’t finish it.

I even had a beer. It was actually pretty good, one of those occasions that calls for beer not anything else. I never drink the stuff… I don’t think I could finish it though.

You must visit markets and eat street food in Thailand, if I can do it little Miss squeamish then anyone can find something they want to eat.

Hua Hin Vineyard

April 13, 2012

One of the best discovers in Hua Hin was a wine bar in a mall, not anywhere near as bad as it sounds, actually very nice. We drank delicious white wine and ate beautiful snacks.

Then we find out it’s a wine bar attached to a whole vineyard.

That you can go to, and drink more wine. To say I was a happy girl is an understatement.

 You can book a tour through a lots of hotels in the city but we booked it directly through the vineyard. You get picked up from the wine bar and brought back again after 3 hours.

Seeing a vineyard in such a tropical climate is kind of strange, the colours were slightly brighter. It’s an amazing view, all hazy.

You can ride around the vineyard on jeeps, bikes or elephants.

And as well as selling wine from Australia they also make their own.

We order a tasting menu, with the matching wines.

Our first bite was chilled crab meat with walnuts, green apple, tomato, Italian basil, celery, red radish, mint leaf, Thai sweet basil, apple guava vinaigrette.

It was fresh and delicious. And I have to say the wine is good, it’s not the best wine I have ever had (I’ll save that honour for New Zealand and California legs) but it was really nice and considering wine is fairly new to Thailand I was surprised to even find a vineyard.

Apparently there are only 7 in the country.

Then a rose with fresh goat cheese, grapes, peppercorns, vanilla vinaigrette, sweet Thai basil and parsley. My favourite.

Then a really good Shiraz with some duck. Perfect.

It was smoked duck breast on a crispy wonton; smoked duck breast, tamarind sauce, carrot, green mango, lettuce, chilli lime, vinaigrette crispy wonton.

The duck was pretty amazing. I was sorry to share this one.

The view just got hazier as the afternoon went on, it was dreamy.

I blame the goats cheese being so good, we had to order the cheese platter as we still had wine to drink. It was okay but the cheddar and the blue were a bit too cold and not very good. The brie was French and delicious though, and we were being greedy. Those grapes are grown on the vineyard. Delicious.

This vineyard is very well organised and sell a mountain of products other than wine, form jams and chutneys to by-products of the wine. Great idea, nothing is wasted and every bit of the land is being used to generate more income.

We found out while we were here that the company is owned by the son of the founder of Red Bull, which explains a lot.

The beautiful open restaurant looks out over the vineyard.

I highly recommend a visit to Hua Hin Vineyard, go on the afternoon bus and have some lunch, maybe ride an elephant around too!

Sukiski – Hua Hin

April 12, 2012

Sukiski is an amazing chain across Thailand of Japanese restaurants, they do an amazing sushi and soup all you can eat deal for what worked out to be about £5.


I normally hate all you can eat, but for sushi I can get down.

The conveyor belt is for soup adds.

The place was always so packed that the sushi is super fresh, I saw tray afer tray quickly emptied and replaced in the hour we were there.

The soups are fun, you get a big pot of stock on a burner in the middle of your table, picking your flavour then adding bits where you want to.

I added lots of fresh greens…

And beautiful pieces of meat, this beef was amazing.

The pork was also great.

You can serve your soup to each other in little bowls and eat until your full or the soup has gone. I didn’t quite get there though. Too much sushi.

Some of the tofu bits in Thailand looks so strange. I didn’t try these.

There is also all you can drink stations of all kinds of crazy soft drinks and an ice cream freezer where you also help yourself!

Wear comfy clothes and skip lunch!

Sukiski are all over Thailand, we saw branches in Hua Hin, Phuket (Patong) and Bangkok and are on facebook and tripadvisor.

Putahracsa – Hua Hin

April 11, 2012

Our next destination was Hua Hin, and our hotel was Putahrasca one of the best places we stayed in.

The food had a lot to do with this.

This was their beachside restaurant, a lovely cool and breezy place to eat lunch.

I ordered a crab and avocado salad on our first full day, simple and not Thai food but so fresh and perfect.

Another dish sampled was chicken with papaya salad. Again freshness and so well cooked. They make everything fresh to order so the food doesn’t fly out but it was always amazing.

Another recommendation was the stir fried chicken with chilli and basil, made super hot my husband loved this. I also highly recommend the prawn caesar salad eaten on our last day… it was so good there is no photograph. Huge juicy prawns and a light salad with a little of the perfect sauce.

The second restaurant was near our room and in the sheltered pool area and where breakfast was served.
One particularly sweltering day I refused to move from the pool side and ordered to my sun lounger.

My husband ordered a Pad Thai, and like I have mentioned measures a place against it. He did say it wasn’t the best he had eaten (or the biggest) but it came with all the right components and was good.

I ordered a club sandwich, fries and a sprite, boy was that a happy 15 minutes if I could transport myself back to that moment right now I would; poolside with french fries and sunshine.

And breakfast… well breakfast ruled. If I ate like this every day I would be living in the gym.

So I am gushing again, but I did love it here. You can eat in the restaurant by the beach even if you are not a guest and it is a great place to spend an evening, drinking cocktails on the huge day beds and then watching the sun go down while you eat… Putahracsa 

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