You all know I love Lahloo Tea… and it’s Pantry so I won’t go on too much in this post (but seriously have you been yet?)

But I do love them even more after they invited me to their new menu tasting evening…


Until recently I pretty much always had the same thing at the Pantry, sometimes wavering to try a new cake, but on my last trip for my God-daughters birthday we all had afternoon tea and it was great, of course. It’s quite different to the normal sandwiches and scones combo so is great if you’ve been there done that.

On this evening they had made cocktails with their tea… my Husband drank bloody mary’s made with their Smoky tea all night…

While I drank rum punch made with White Whisper tea (I think!), delicious. They also served a non-alcoholic cocktail made with Snow Jewel tea.


We sat and mingled and the lovely Lahloo lady’s brought round bits and pieces to try.

Our favourite; the rarebit with tomato jam. We ate quite a few of these.


A lovely courgette and Homewoods Cheese frittata.

Another one of my favourite, why I didn’t eat more of these I don’t know… homemade jammy dodgers. 100 times better than the ‘real’ thing.


Rose and pistachio marshmallows. You should all know how I feel about anything rose by now. (Love)

And so you can see how lovely the set afternoon tea is here is the spread from my Go-daughters birthday…

Artichoke Mousse, Herb Pancake filled with Homewood Cheese’s Ewe’s (such a great idea) and Old Spot Sausage Roll with the tomato jam again. These are the don dadda of sausage rolls. I ate lots of these on both occasions.

 And the sweet stuff! A mini Raspberry and Earl Grey Tart, Lemon Posset (a favourite of mine) with a Matcha biscuit and more of those perfectly soft marshmallows.

All little bites and perfectly formed, and all incorporating their amazing tea. You will leave satisfied not stuffed to the brim.

Their tea menu will be changing monthly, and I will be going back in August for their Matcha menu for sure, it my new obsession.

Lahloo Pantry – Clifton Village, Bristol

Once again thank you for the invitation, any time you need more menus tasted I’ll be there in a flash!

Lahloo Tea – The Pantry

November 17, 2011

If you have read this blog for any length of time you have probably read about Lahloo Tea. This small company that want to re-educate people about the joys of proper tea and how wonderful it can be.

I always drank loose tea when I went to places that serve it but never beyond that. But now? Yes I am a convert. The flavour will always beat a tea bag every time.

Lahloo Tea have now gone one step further and have opened a place of their own, The Pantry in Clifton Village. I was desperate to visit before I left on my trip and just managed to do it, with my Mum visiting I needed no better reason, so we went.

You enter this cute cafe to a counter filled with all kinds of treats both savoury and sweet.

The cakes and biscuits are so pretty and perfectly formed.

And of course all the different kinds of Lahloo tea. The reason you visit!

We both picked the tart for lunch, Mum having the smoked haddock and me the three cheese, which both came with a beautiful celeriac salad and a refreshing cucumber and chilli salad.

They also have a wonderful breakfast menu (anywhere that does egg and solders is alright by me)

And we both of course ordered tea.

I ordered Jasmine Pearls, having heard lots about these, but never tried them. The tea is made from the little pearls you see below, is a very fragrant but delicate tea, and so refreshing.

My Mum went for a much darker tea, and picked Smokey. Another one I need to try.

As well as staying here to eat and drink everything is available for takeaway and there is a fully stocked tea shop for you, with all the Lahloo teas. Also lots of accessories. I so want a Matcha tea set!

So I was always going to be biased here but The Pantry really is lovely, so lovely I am jealous! Jealous that I don’t live near, and jealous that it’s not my cafe!

The whole place is lovely and as always the details are what make me love somewhere and they really have taken care with everything here, right down to lovely soap in the bathroom, which for me is a detail often forgotten but when a bathroom is nice I am always impressed.

And so then we left, but not before taking more treats with us!

Just a little post and a nudge to go visit!

Lahloo Tea – Clifton Village

Lahloo Tea…

July 21, 2010

So I promised on Friday to tell you more about Lahloo tea, the reason I wanted to give it a whole post of its own is because it has such a great story, and as you know I adore independent companies and brands.

Bristol seem to have so many people doing great things with a passion of theirs, it really inspires me, Lahloo is one of those companies.

The brand is great and the product is just lovely, amazing tea!

Find out the lovely story on the Lahloo website here

The Lady behind Lahloo is all about bring real tea to everyone, as in proper tea leaves that you brew rather than dunking a teabag… making it a proper ritual again.

I love the branding, the different characters drinking the different teas are great…

I first brought Lahloo as presents for tea loving friends, as the packaging is so cute it makes the perfect ready-made gift…

Each tea comes in a vacuum sealed package with its name and a little description with a cute little Lahloo peg to keep it fresh.

At the Glassboat Summer Fayre I finally brought myself some.

I went for Rosey since I have a little rose obsession going on right now (perfume, actual roses in the garden, petals to decorate dessert -yes, etc etc)…

I definitely made the right choice, the tea has actual little rose buds in it!

So so cute, I loved it the moment I opened it.

Luckily it tastes good too, so rosey and fresh, quite light…

I love this tea, and am off to treat myself to another cup with a side of cake… you can buy yours at the website or at Bordeaux Quay’s deli, or at the multitude of events Kate takes her tea too, along with vintage Teacups and cakes!

I also want to add Congratulations as last night Lahloo Tea announced they had won 4 Gold Taste Awards for their tea, so well deserved!!

So after we had breakfast (see yesterdays post) we checked out the Glassboat Fayre outside…

They had a croquet lawn…

And games like pin the tail on the donkey and…

They had a tea and cake stand, the difference from any other fair being that this was Lahloo Tea, (more on this in another post coming soon!)

…and the cakes… I am gutted I didn’t have one (damn that full english!) The pictures look better than I remember…

…and they were serving tea in proper china teacups, supplied by Bristol Vintage

They also had homemade jam made by the lovely Lido people (another restaurant from the same family as Glassboat)…

…Reg the Veg, the famour Bristol greengrocer also paid the Fayre a visit and offered up strawberries and cream, among other treats…

and there was also a stand from an English vineyard, Strawberry Hill…

They were letting us taste… I tried the Chardonnay and Orion, they were both Gorgeous and only £6 a bottle, I wanted one of each but was assured that they deliver to Bristol all the time so resisted, the Chardonnay is being chilled ready for the weekend!

They also had a cocktail stand, from Hyde and Co, an amazing little spot that I might tell you about one day, it’s quite hidden and feels like a speakeasy, I love it… they’re cocktails had a English Fayre theme too with English Mojitos, and Mar-Tea-nis (cute!)

Another friend of the Glassboat Trethowans Dairy were there serving up a huge range of cheese…

…as well as their famous toasties… which we had to sample…

I had a bite, or two, I was full but I can never resist cheese…

Great idea for a summer day, I miss villages fetes in Bristol, this was a great alternative and I got to do a little shopping, perfect!