Happy Friday!

August 24, 2012

Friday is here!

It’s been a whirlwind week… I have no idea where it’s gone.

Tonight I have a Pilates class and a bit of admin work for my wedding job to do but as it’s Friday night I need to make that okay so I am thinking Mexican food, wine and a movie I had seen a hundred times so I am not too distracted…

Maybe a recipe from Liberty London Girl who has a couple of Mexican type bowls on her blog I have been wanting to make for ever, and neither require much work, which is good as my kitchen is a building site!

Maybe this bowl or this dip and some tortillas.

Bring on 5pm.

I’ll be back next week with my LAST TWO honeymoon recommendations from San Francisco and then hopefully it won’t be long until the kitchen is finished and apart from painting and decorating I’ll be free to cook again.

So excited.


Happy Friday…

July 6, 2012

So I said I would cook more and I didn’t (well I made nothing new or particularly blog worthy) but that is because we are powering through the house work… one wall is down – Hello huge new dining room!

Today another wall comes down opening our kitchen into this big dining room… I have no idea what state it is going to be in any day when I head home at the moment.

We have been eating salads and stirs fries and the tried and tasted baked fish with steamed vegetables and I have to say it only takes a week of eating like this to feel great, even if it is hard to break away from the french fries.

I will be back with more form New Zealand next week… and hopefully some remnants of a kitchen so I can make french toast… I made some last weekend but forgot to take a photograph so unfortunately for me :) I have to make it again.

I am off to buy more Burford Browns and bacon… my must haves for the weekend.

Have a great one!


Happy Friday!

June 29, 2012

Not many posts from me this week, but lots going on over at You Make Me Swoon as we breezed through Sydney.

Next stop New Zealand where I have many more recommendations for you, just in case you know. It’s kinda strange still blogging the trip when I have been home for so long but it’s so lovely looking back and it will be nice to have a kinda of diary of it so I am going to power through.

But I will try to cook more next week so I have some recipes for you… I have been out of the kitchen for a while and I am kinda aching to cook.

For now here some recipes I want to try this weekend…

French Toast
Oreo Marshmallows
Fruity Sandwiches

My husband is being a tyrant with the health though… so it may be more like this;

Poached Eggs
Roasted Strawberries
Mango and Cucumber Salad

Still good food though… either way I must get back in the kitchen, it’s not long until we rip it out so I need to make the most of it before we lose it for a while!

Have a great weekend


Happy Happy Friday

June 15, 2012

So happy you’re here…

Photo from here

It’s been a tough week, with day long meetings in Manchester (that was plus 7 hours of travel) and frustrating days at the 9-5 plus so much work for my new job as a wedding co-ordinator… I need some down time or I get angsty.

So what are you plans this weekend?

I have a wedding today, then a date with my husband… I want to go to Poco and drink wine and eat tapas…

Then Saturday a mammoth to-do list is going to get done… I love to tick things off it makes me feel in control.

This will be mostly painting shelves and picture frames and trying to finally finish our bedroom decor and lots of wedding work which includes making an inspiration board for a classic bride. Plus LOTS of chill time.

Then Sunday I have another wedding, I am not in love with working on a Sunday but helping set up a wedding is the loveliest job ever. Speaking of which how good does this cheese wedding cake look….

We get a lot of cheese wedding cakes at the riverstation!

Happy Friday!

April 20, 2012

Friday is here.

It has been a busy but really good week, I am back in the game (finally) with the gym and have seen lots of friends. And the best thing?

I have no plans tonight… no plans!

I was up at 6 to gym it, so that is done, I am going to buy something delicious for dinner on my lunch break which means come 5 o clock I can swan straight home, straight into a big hot bubble bath and then straight in to my pjs.

Yes I am excited by that, and yes I may be a loser, but I am a happy loser.

My Husband is out with friends so I can have whatever I want for dinner, usually when I only have myself to worry about I revert to single girl days of a dinner of toast or cheese and crackers.

Tonight though I want to cook myself a feast.

Problem is I have no idea what I want… Ideas please.

I may be spending my day drooling over Spoon Fork Bacon. My new obsession. I like the look of something like this…

Served with a big glass of Shiraz. Yes.

Have a great weekend People.

Photo from Spoon Fork Bacon

Happy Friday!

March 16, 2012

I am so happy because it’s Friday… 9-5 jobs do that to a girl.

Anyway a little round-up from this week…

A quick, easy and very tasty dinner recipe

A tour around a Thai market

A recipe for a Thai soup – Tom Jeud

Also go check out what been happening on Swoon

A little blog about our visit to Hua Hin

Some ideas about getting creative

Would you wear a crown of flowers?

Another Thailand blog, this time we’re in Ranong

A sentiment all freelancers should consider

I hope it’s been a good week for you all, it’s been tough for me with lots going on so looking forward to some downtime this weekend, I am seeing friends tonight wine might be involved there, seeing more friends and their beautiful children tomorrow before a date night with my Husband and then a day spoiling my Mama on Sunday for mother’s day; brunch, flowers, tea and cake, plus shopping all on the agenda.

What are your plans for mother day? Are you making anything nice or going out to eat?


Happy Friday

October 28, 2011

Today is my last day at work for 3 months.

3 months off!

I am going on a MEGAmoon with my Husband.

I haven’t seen him for a whole month.

This weekend I will be hanging out with my Bristol crew as much as possible, and packing.

At some point I definitely need to pack!

Forgive me for this boastful post. I am a little excited.

(Gif spotted here on Swiss Miss)