Full as an Egg Suppers

February 28, 2011


I am back at work after my break and feel so refreshed and raring to get back to it.

It is with that I can finally announce that I have been asked to host a supper!

A friend of mine who is a professional chef has asked to team up… so he will cook, I will help and learn, and I will decorate the table and look after you all… I hope you can come!

Space is very limited for a our first dates, which are Thursday 17th March and Friday 18th March and will be £25 and the location is in Knowle at the chef’s beautiful house, please email fullasaneggsuppers at gmail dot-com if you would like to come along…

The location and full menu will be announced nearer to the event.

We have big future plans for our venture, and I cannot wait for our first one!

We are looking to serve at least 5 courses… I will let you know more as and when we have decided.

Very excited.


6 Responses to “Full as an Egg Suppers”

  1. Oh that sounds marvellous! Good luck! :)

    I can’t make it this month (and I’m sure you’re fully booked by now anyway or should be!) but will try to come to a future one! Will there be a vegetarian option? ;)

    Melanie x

  2. Sally Says:

    And yes there will be a veggie option :)

  3. […] details are here we do still have two places left for the Friday, and have started a waiting list for Thursday. Do […]

  4. […] details are here, we are now fully booked but please get in touch if you would like to come as we have started a […]

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