Colibri, San Francisco

August 28, 2012

Colibri was recommended to us by San Fran natives… we asked for Mexican food and they said this was the fine dining version. Since we had eaten more than our fair share of food truck fish tacos and burritos from suspicious places we thought we’d treat ourselves.

It was very old world Mexico decor… Love that.

 They start everyone off with spicy dips and tortillas.


And the best margaritas I have ever had. Strong too.

 And we had to order guacamole and tortilla chips… All home-made of course.

Then I ordered… Callos con crust de tortilla

Corn tortilla crusted scallops over purple Peruvian mashed potatoes and sautéed poblano pepper, cactus leaves, corn and Portobello mushrooms

Which was amazing. I do adore scallops in any form, put them in Mexican food and I am in love.

My husband ordered… Carnitas

Michoacan style marinated tender chunks of pork served with guajillo and chile de arbol salsa

What our naughty server didn’t tell us was that we probably needed sides. Although we did have chips and dips we had already been for drinks and their major margaritas fuelled us further.

Order sides!


We finished with some churros. We couldn’t leave without having one more lot of churros.

 Then we headed to a dive bar to drink more! See Swoon for the information.

 Colibri, San Francisco

Happy Friday!

August 24, 2012

Friday is here!

It’s been a whirlwind week… I have no idea where it’s gone.

Tonight I have a Pilates class and a bit of admin work for my wedding job to do but as it’s Friday night I need to make that okay so I am thinking Mexican food, wine and a movie I had seen a hundred times so I am not too distracted…

Maybe a recipe from Liberty London Girl who has a couple of Mexican type bowls on her blog I have been wanting to make for ever, and neither require much work, which is good as my kitchen is a building site!

Maybe this bowl or this dip and some tortillas.

Bring on 5pm.

I’ll be back next week with my LAST TWO honeymoon recommendations from San Francisco and then hopefully it won’t be long until the kitchen is finished and apart from painting and decorating I’ll be free to cook again.

So excited.


Last night we had one of my favourite Boys over, one of my uni crew, who is also going to witness my marriage.

He wanted to bring a bottle of wine over to share with myself and the Boy so I decided to make something tasty to go with this wine.

Quesadillas! Yup, more mexican food, I am sorry but it might be my favourite.

You need;
350g new potatoes, thinly sliced
1 red onion, finely chopped
1 red chilli
1 orange pepper
1 clove of garlic chopped
200g chorizo chopped
sea salt and black pepper 
4 tortillas
1 ball buffalo mozzarella
150g grated cheddar cheese
olive oil

1. Fry the potatoes until cooked through, this will take about 10 minutes.
Cook the onion until softening then add the garlic, chilli and pepper, cook for another 5 minutes before adding the chorizo, then cook for another 5 minutes until the sausage begins to soften then finally add the potatoes and put the mix to one side.

Season to taste, I also added some smoked paprika here.

2. When ready to eat, place one tortilla in your frying pan, add some filling then cheese to taste top with another tortilla. These are tricky to turn over without the filling falling out so I put a plate over the top then flipped it and then slid it back into the pan.

You should need no more than 2-3 minutes on each side.

Then cut into triangle and scoff!

I also made a fresh salad with baby leaves, avocado, pepper, tomatoes and just a little olive oil and salt and pepper.

And a salsa, always serve salsa with Mexican food, check out my recipe here and lots of sour cream for dipping.

Served with bubbles and a Chambertin Grand Cru 1996 Cuvee Heritiers Latour… which was beautiful, and maybe more suited to a less spicy dinner but luckily I didn’t go too crazy with the chilli.

Thanks Baz!

So this is a Delia Smith recipe and one the Boy used to make a lot, it is so easy and so yummy and I had forgotten all about it until I had a real craving for some enchiladas but didn’t want to go down the ready-made route so dug this recipe out…

You need;
for the salsa…
1 tin chopped tomatoes
1 chilli
1 red onion
1 lime
sea salt and black pepper
for the wraps…
4 large wraps
110g cheese (I used cheddar)
150g mozzarella
200 ml creme fraiche

Pre-heat the oven to 180c

First make up your salsa, sieve the tomatoes of the excess liquid, the chop your chilli and red onion as fine as you want it, I like mine very fine but you might like it chunky…
then chuck half the onion and everything else together in a bowl with as 2 handfuls of coriander and the juice of your lime, I also zested my lime, then season and put to one side

Mix the two cheeses together in a bowl, then dry fry your wraps for a few seconds each side.

Then for each wrap, place on a flat surface, add a tbsp of the salsa then a tbsp of the cheeses, then creme fraiche, then roll up and place in your baking dish, sealed side down, repeat until you have used all your wraps.

You should have some salsa and cheese left so pile this all over the top of the wraps followed by the rest of the onion

Now bake for 25-30 minutes, serve with the rest of your coriander and eat immediately! I served with sweet potato chips and more creme fraiche… so. good.

And despite what Delia says about them becoming soggy, they are still great the next day I took one to work for my lunch.