I love Food Trucks

June 8, 2012

I wish we had more of these in Bristol permanently… this was a weekend event a couple of weeks ago with traders that are mostly based in London. Some of you need to move here!


I didn’t get to try a lobster roll, so gutted this stand looked so good.

As did the pizza van, my Husband did try some at the end of the weekend but today I was on a mission…

I wasn’t interested in the smoothies either, delicious as they looked.

Loved this airstream selling cupcakes, so cool.

And these Gentleman selling kedgeree looked very dapper, but again this was not what I came for…

I have heard great things about Byron Burgers but I heard more than a few grumbles about the price; £8.50 for a burger with no chips or place to sit… maybe they’re worth it but I didn’t find out myself…

Churros, I need more churros in my life having got addicted to them in California. Great sticks of doughy goodness.

Cabot set up little seating areas, shame it wasn’t very sunny when I visited.

I did try my first bubble tea, and while the tea was delicious I found out I am not keen on the tapioca balls… sorry! I love how cute they look but just think it’s strange.

This was what I came for… a hot dog!

I loved grabbing hot dogs when I was in the US, I think it’s because it’s such an iconic American thing to do, but I also love them with pickles and mustard and onions; the works. So good.

Big Apple Hot Dogs are London based but are the real deal.

The works; I was so happy at this moment.

I also paid a visit to Daisy Green to get some Fro-yo, another American obsession.

It’s so good; being tasty as hell and low-fat… until you put Oreos on top.

Can we have more of these permanently in Bristol pleeeeeeeeeeeease? I love American food, maybe a taco stand!!


Montpelier Basement

May 14, 2012

Yet another visit to Montpelier Basement run by Elly and Dan

I should really keep this to myself as I have already told you to go here but I thought it would be good to start the week in the UK before I blog through my Australia reccomendations.

I just love the space, with the fire and the mixed up tables of people, it’s a fun evening, always.

We started with crispy chicken skin with tarragon mayonnaise. My husband came with me this time and since he’s not massively into the idea of sitting with randoms I think this is what swayed it (after eating it in Thailand)

It’s not something I was into, even though it was tasty I cannot get down with the texture. Husband loved it though.

Our beautiful candle lit table. I love the cutlery.

We then had a little Wye Valley Asparagus Soup.

The thought of a six course meal might not appeal but Dan and Elly get each portion exactly right, lots of dishes that are slightly smaller than you would think meaning by the end you are indeed stuffed but you can still move. Just.

Then Hake with English tomato salad. This salad was so tasty, I really should ask what they did. One of the stand out bits for me.

This is where I went a little wrong, Elly had tweeted a photograph of a cheese tart she had made that day, and I had gushed about how amazing it looked… she shared the recipe (Simon Hopkinson recipe from this book)

Then she gave me some. It was seriously good but I didn’t account for this in my tummy. But so so good. I have to make this.

Then the main, my favourite kind of meal, Braised Salt Marsh lamb with peas, pea shoots, mash potato and rosemary.

The lamb was amazing, braised until it melted in your mouth, amazingly smooth mashed potato and peas. Peas are my thing. I eat bowls of them on their own with black pepper so this dish made me very happy.

I would say simple and comforting but Dan mentioned how much of a pain the lamb was so not simple to cook maybe!

Then the ice. The ice is always my favourite. Sounds crazy but it’s true. This time it was rhubarb and Gin, it was almost like an alcoholic sorbet. Amazing. I wish the guys would open an ice shop. Near my house.

I ate mine, then finished my husbands (his was a bigger portion, I protested, he shared) and then Elly brought me some more. She is good, she knows how to keep a girl happy, more gin…

So I know I have said that the tomato salad and ice were my favourite, and then I love the main but the dessert was insane. I think I almost am surprised when I like something so light and simple but never when eating meat or chocolate that’s the only way I can explain why I loved those two parts so much. It doesn’t mean I would pick them over this badboy…

Chocolate pudding with creme fraiche and salted caramel crumbs.

Crumbs indeed.

Salted caramel has me obsessed right now, creme fraiche with chocolate is so amazing and the pudding was like a chocolate volcano.

The outer shell was so thin, most of the inside was gooey chocolate amazingness.

Like chocolate lava. Not an original analogy but it works.

Then the rarebit, which is Montpelier Basements signature ending. Amazing as always, and my husbands favourite bit (rarebit is a huge favourite and he never gets to eat it) I need to try and make him something similar. Although I doubt it would ever match up I must try.

Crap. Now I want rarebit for lunch.

So go, I know there is a basement this month but you may have left it too late to book…

 You can book by joining the mailing list, email montpelierbsmt @ gmail and follow them on twitter here

One of our most touristy nights was on Phuket, as you would expect!

It was the night of the full moon and Serenity hotel threw a party so we went along. We were in a much smaller hotel just along the beach so it was an easy walk, with this view…

The hotel looked amazing in the moonlight… we started the evening on a roof terrace overlooking the pool and the beach for drinks with some traditional music and lot of amazing Thai girls dressed in traditional costume milling around us.

They had a huge buffet, with lots of stations of chefs preparing traditional Thai food, with some Japanese added as well. It was all really good, I normally hate all you can eat but when it is all freshly prepared right before your eyes it’s a whole different ball game.

Beautiful spring rolls… I had about eight of these.

There was also entertainment, there was traditional dancing and music as well as a beauty contest between staff of the hotel, which was strange to say the least.

As part of the festival we also released a little flower candle onto the sea… you can read more about this here, I think we can safely say we spent the night very differently to most tourists in Thailand

So we released our krathong and made wishes for our marriage.

We also released chinese lanterns which is supposed to bring merit… again look here for more information

 Although it was very set up for tourists and hotel guests we did have a good night, the beauty contest was strange but the whole night was very funny and the hotel is lovely, we hung out here a lot eating by the pool while we were here and the food was always wonderful, especially the curries.

I am a very lucky girl… as part of my AMAZING hen weekend my bridemaids organised for us to have our very own supper club, just us!

I thought I would share the menu with you today as it was full of my favourite foods, the photos below are from Sofi, as mine were rubbish!

First we were served a small salad of smoked beetroot (smoked by the chef himself) with mascarpone and candied walnuts…

Followed by a current favourite of mine grilled peaches and prosciutto with buffalo mozzarella…

Then the main course, a fillet steak kept light with a delicious Vietnamese salad… this steak was amazing and melted in my mouth!

Look at that beef!

Then another massive favourite of mine, granita, this was flavoured with elderflower and lemon…

This was beautiful and really refreshed us for the last two courses…

The first of which was a date and macadamia nut tart with vanilla cream, something I would never order in a restaurant but this was amazing and despite being so full I couldn’t move I finished this!

And finally cheese of course! My favourites again; Keens cheddar, a Somerset brie, a local blue cheese (cannot remember where it’s from) and Cornish Yarg all with different accompaniments and parmesan crackers.


Hannah, Rachael and Sofi the Bridesmaids you rock! I will be sharing the rest of my weekend over at You Make Me Swoon.

And big thanks to Tim from Moreish the chef, who I work with on supper clubs for doing this for us, it was amazing!


August 3, 2011

A recommendation today, from Bristol of course.

As usual I must remind you that I don’t pretend to be a restaurant critic so you won’t find amazing descriptions of food just the details I liked, what I ate, what I enjoyed and a nudge to visit the same place.

I had been to Masa once before and had a sashimi plate, which I remember being good but not good enough to visit again, when I prefer another Japanese restaurant in Bristol (we don’t have many granted!) but this time I loved it, we had the Teppanyaki chef which was so fun!

We had our own little private room with the chef cooking on the hot plate in the middle of our table, and we all ordered set Teppanyaki menus.

They all came with Miso soup, which when good I love.

I cannot go to a Japanese restaurant and not have edamame beans.

I love them so much! I eat them like sweets.

Quickly gone!

Then you get a sushi/sashimi plate, this was for 3 people. All great and very fresh .

And tempura vegetables or prawns.

And more sushi…

When our chef arrived he started the show by turning off the lights and making fire on the frying plate!

I had never watched this kind of thing before and it was really cool, he did loads of fun little tricks and was really showing off.

To make egg fried rice he fried the eggs, then mixed them up and rolled them like omelettes before flipping them with his knives into a massive ball of rice so that bits of omelette were flying through the air… none hit us though.

Then he made a heart… love that.

I nearly always order plain rice so this was amazing, I couldn’t tell you if it was great egg fried rice compared to others as I never eat it but I really enjoyed mine, I ate most of it before anything else was ready.

We also had teriyaki prawns… HUGE prawns!

Teriyaki Salmon…

 And teriyaki beef… oh gosh that beef was gooooood.

Then some vegetables… at the point I was fit to burst! So much food.

Then they brought out a little fruit platter for us all, with a little scoop of ice cream with was the perfect thing after all that fried food.

Love Masa, love  Teppanyaki… would definitely do that again.

Our set menus were £23-£25 and you get a huge amount of food plus entertainment from the chef, ours was lovely accommodating a vegetarian very well, and he was very funny joining in with banter on the table.

So yes, go visit the lovely people at Masa, I have to say as well the service was amazing. I haven’t had service that good for a while!

I also had to share a photograph of the Birthday cake, the lucky man’s girlfriend got him actual fireworks in the top, so cool!


June 21, 2011

On Sunday for Fathers Day the Boy and I treated my Dad to a trip to Demuths, a treat for him and for us.

Finally I made it back to Demuths, I used to be more of a regular visitor but I hadn’t been for years before this visit. I was very excited.

The restaurant is in lovely Bath, tucked away down a little side street near the baths.

I have a little soft spot for restaurants in old buildings that are really not meant to be restaurants, I love Demuths’ little rooms and corners. It’s still very bright and airy though, it’s the high ceilings.

I would never pretend to be a restaurant reviewer, I am passionate about food but I am very much a learner, I offer recommendations of places I have visited and loved.

On the same vein I cannot be a restaurant reviewer because it is rare I go somewhere and eat 3 or more courses, I just can’t do it, so I can rarely offer a comprehensive view of the menu. I even stuck to water this time so I cannot even comment on the wine list.

I will comment on the food though… it’s great!

Demuths is a vegetarian restaurant and everything is oh so delicious and fresh and although I never leave Demuths feeling like I cannot move I always leave full and satisfied.

We started with some bread from the Thoughtful Bread Company, based in Bath. My Mum works in Bath and has told me about them and as a big lover of real bread I wanted to try some.

Next time I am in Bath I will have to pay them a visit.

This was served with rapeseed oil and an applely balsamic, different to olive oil. I approve!

Like I said I am rubbish at eating three courses so I had to leave the starters and light bites, it was a hard decision but knowing how great and pretty the desserts are I had to skip it or I’d pay later!

I really wanted to try the Crostini though, maybe I’ll have to go back soon for a little lunch.

Dad and I went for the Ricotta Tart and the Boy ordered the Urid Wadis, which are little pounded lentil dumplings.

I love pastry, tarts and pies are up there as some of my favourite things to eat, I was worried this would be a little bland but it really wasn’t. The tart was quite strong-tasting and served with amazing roasted new potatoes and confit tomatoes.

Much more filling than I thought it would be.

These are the little dumplings. Unfortunately I didn’t get to try (I was too interested in my food!)

It came with a little jug of sauce which had all the spice, the waitress said maybe try a little before you pour it all on see how spicey it is… but the Boy didn’t do that. He likes spice so he just poured it all on. he very much enjoyed it and although was also afraid he’d be leaving hungry, he was stuffed.

Dessert! Always my favourite course here… and they had my most favourite dessert, Posset!

My Dad and the Boy had a chocolate mousse, which the chef said wasn’t quite set but we were welcome to have it if we didn’t mind… we didn’t.

It definitely wasn’t set but I think it looks good like this, like a little sunken pudding. It was very rich and gorgeous but I am glad, after my tart that I didn’t have a whole one.

That biscuit has pink peppercorns in it!

My blood orange posset came with rhubarb and oats. Loved it, could have eaten another.

Another great thing about Demuths is they have my favourite tea; Lahloo Tea, so I tried an infusion that I hadn’t seen before.

Green Mulberry…

Once again I will insist you try fresh tea leaves if you haven’t yet, they really are 100 times more delicious than tea bags!

Perfect ending!

As you can guess I love Demuths, I highly recommend it for all, even if you are a massive carnivore you can appreciate it (the Boy loves it)

They also have a cookery school, which one day I will definitely be doing a few courses.Vegetarian food is something that really impresses people when you do something interesting.

Bishopston Tea Party

May 3, 2011

So it is back to work for most after a long weekend, I have been off for 11 days but coming back was not that painful, am eager to get back to a routine, and very much need to get back to the gym as my time off mostly consisted of being very very naughty indeed.

One of those days was an amazing afternoon tea, thrown by Danielle at The Resting Chef at her house in Bishopston. I have still to make one of her supper clubs so was thrilled to be free for her tea… it is my most favourite thing.

Danielle went IN. She made enough to feed an army… it was all delicious too, I cannot tell you how stuffed I was when I left!

We arrived to ice tea from Lahloo Tea.

With a beautiful table of Cornish ware and cakes… and more!

The cheese scones ruled the day for me, I think I ate at least 4!

See… so much food!

There were also finger sandwiches and a whole selection of tea from Lahloo, plus the fresh coffee kept coming which for me was much-needed that day!

Big thanks to Danielle from myself and the Boy who very much enjoyed the treats I brought home for him.

Danielle hosts supper clubs regularly, check her blog and subscribe for more details.