Cafe Kino

August 19, 2011


Back for a little one…  I visited Cafe Kino this week, a veggie-vegan cafe (I go there a lot for coffee and cake and people watching) and finally got to try their veggie burger, sadly they were out of curly fries.

I didn’t pout though, it just means I’ll have to go again soon!

Another little recommendation post for you really, because I think this place is great and you should all go visit.

It is located on the corner of Stokes Croft and Cheltenham Road, and it is great for people watching as there are stools in the huge front windows.

The cafe is lovely, really spartan but with booths (I adore booths) and an amazing tiled floor.

I love the school room type chairs.

This time I went with my Dad who is a vegetarian, we both went for the veggie burger which were lentil-beetroot type patties and were gorgeous… it came with a really nice salad garnish of leaves, sun-dried tomatoes and seeds in a really nice bap and chips of course.

I loved that my burger was purple…

They have a small selection of beer, lager and cider, plus lots of yum soft drinks including my old favourite ginger beer

The cafe is even more well-loved because it is not run for profit and is a co-operative. It is always busy when I have visited yet I have always been able to get a seat, they are currently renovating their basement space which will be used for events…

You can check out their full menu and event listings and find out more about the cafe on their website; Cafe Kino

And when you finish promise me you’ll leave room for cake, I am still thinking about a huge slice of coconut, raspberry and ginger cake I ate there last month, it was beautiful.


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