Waldorf Pasta

April 4, 2011

This was a chuck-some-leftovers-together supper last week… I thought I would share because it was 1. EASY! and 2. delicious!

More of a quick dinner idea than a recipe… I have given rough estimates of what I used, but it is easy to change to how much of each ingredient you want, how many people there are.

You need;
Tagliatelle (3 balls dried per person, best you can get)
Stilton (2 slices about 0.5 centimetre)
walnuts (a small handful)
red onion (2 small)
rocket (2 good handfuls)
creme fraiche (3 good spoonfuls)
apple/pear chucks (1 piece fruit)
sea salt and black pepper
olive oil
brown sugar (tsp)

1. Caramelise your red onions, with the sugar and oil. Fry for about 5-10 minutes

2. Cook your pasta, I always like mine al-dente (5-6 minutes)

3. When the pasta is cooked, drain then add the onions and rocket and stir, then add the creme fraiche, season, then half of the Stilton and the fruit and stir well.

Immediately serve into hot bowls (this will cool quickly). Finally crunch the walnuts and crumble the rest of the cheese over the top.