The Big Trip

April 20, 2011

So it has been a little quiet on here lately and for that I apologise, and if you didn’t already know I can now tell you why… the Boy and I have been planning a trip. We are going away for the winter!

We are off for 3 months, from November 1st back in February, just as (hopefully) the UK will start to warm up again!

So not only have we been trying to sort this for the past month, we are also on a massive saving mission now, so I actually haven’t cooked anything new that I could share with you, we have been cleaning out cupboards and eating lots of tried and tested (cheap) recipes.

So again apologies, I will try to rectify soon!

For my blog this means the next few months will mean lots of cheap, easy eats to blog, probably very little in the way of dinner recommendations and some planning of how I can link my trip into this blog… so please feel free to look away if you don’t want to hear about my travelling plans!

If you are interested then take a look at my map here

I am plotting and planning about what I am going to do with the trip and the blog and have lots of exciting ideas so stay tuned for those.

For now though I have A LOT of money to save… its impossible in fact but I am going to try to use this picture for inspiration…

I am going to need it!