Sling – Brisbane

May 22, 2012

Another great thing about Brisbane was all the amazing bars… and my favourite was Sling.

It’s a teeny bar but if you walk through it has a lovely lush courtyard full of trees and low seating.

It had a huge ‘bible’ of cocktails, a huge heavy book full of choices. A little overwhelmingĀ in fact. Big long descriptions and explanations and history. A little pretentious… maybe? But I liked it.

We had some amazing cocktails.

We all tried one of our choice each first… a couple of us chose the house cocktail which was amazing. I found out I like egg white in a cocktail… sound weird? It makes your cocktails all frothy and thick.

Then we picked fourĀ cocktails to share as a group, this might sound strange but they were I guess ‘foodie’ cocktails and we all wanted to try all of them.

We picked an English Marmalade one, served with brioche toast which was delicious.

We also tried a potato salad cocktail… I think the base was vodka.

This one was a sushi cocktail, sake with smoked salmon. It was horrible. I do not recommend trying something similar.

Would you try a food theme cocktail? I loved the little piece of toast, that’s surely a good idea when you’re drinking yes?

We have our fair share of lovely bars in Bristol too, I am planning on some spotlights soon.

Sling – Brisbane