This post may not interest you at all… there will be no pretty food and no amazing restaurant with a gorgeous space.

This is about a burger joint. 

I mentioned this place yesterday in my blog about the town… it is a proper fast food burger place, but instead of getting crappy food at the end it’s freshly cooked and really great, if not good for you it is still ‘junk’.

The menu is simple, pick the burger, the fries and the side (or a salad) and you drink… I had to go for a malted shake, why don’t we have that here?

There are a few tables out front and in the sunshine the majority of people just eat here. You order at the window… 

You get your drinks… 

And this little gadget that beeps and flashes when your food is ready. Very handy, especially because although the food is fast it is cooked for you so it does take a few minutes. This means you can go for a wander and window shop while you wait, it also means the staff don’t have to find people. 

Then you get your food. The burgers were so good, proper thin hamburgers with pickles and those fake cheese slices with a little salad, and great fries.

I didn’t see a McDonald’s in this town, and now I know why. (By the way I am not comparing the two, you cannot)

 The Habit – Santa Barbara (They also have a food truck for hire!)

On our second day I made sure we headed to one of those cute restaurants on main street for some al-fresco breakfast… we picked the Anderson Danish Bakery… 

I love the perfect red roses on each table.

I went inside and met one of the bakers and to ooooo and ahhhh over all the cakes. There were so many and they all looked amazing.

They also make their own jam, which you can buy to take home.

I imagine the whole of Santa Barbara gets their birthday cake from here. 

The strawberry tarts looked so good, and I got a taste of one. I wished right then that I had picked one of those for breakfast. 


The inside is sickly sweet. I loved it! 

We both ordered the french toast… before which we were given two baskets of baguette and 2 scones (!), who eats pre-breakfast scones!

Turns out we do… we gave it our best shot anyway, then this came out…

Ridiculous. See why we spent the rest of the day riding bikes? (and skipping lunch) That was some breakfast.

And this is it at night, open for dinner. We heard so many accents while we are here, I imagine from Danish people.

 The Anderson’s Danish Bakery

Skip breakfast and go for cake!

Our next stop after Los Angeles was Santa Barbara, the cutest town ever right on the coast, I loved it here. 

We went straight out to explore and walked the length of main street right down to the Wharf…

At the end is the Santa Barbara Shellfish Company, I was on the hunt for some chowder so we made a beeline for some seats outside and watched the sunset. Apparently this is the place to go for fresh seafood too…

The cutest shack! It’s bigger than it looks.

We ordered some drinks, always necessary after a few hours drive on roads I don’t know. 

We watched other diners pick their dinner… I could never do that. I felt so sorry for the lobster. I am so very squeamish. 

We each ordered a cup of local seafood chowder with those crazy oyster crackers, I love those things. I have no idea what they are.

We also decided to try oysters… I never have, they are just not nice to look at. To be fair I didn’t try mussels until I was 18 and I love them now…

We ordered the cocktail, so an oyster with tomato and tabasco with cheese. I still couldn’t do it, I totally wimped out.

So my Husband stepped up and ate them both. 


I definitely think if you visit you should spent a night on the wharf, it was so typically American, the food, the drinks, the people and the stores. I loved it. 

 Santa Barbara Shellfish Company – On the wharf