These are really just posh pies, the french-dinner party friendly versions of our pasties. Yum!

You could totally customise these and fill them with whatever you want, this is a good vegetarian dish that once again you can prepare in advance.

For each Pithivier you need;
2 circles of puff pastry, roughly 6-8 inches across
100g roasted butternut squash chunks
50g ricotta
a couple of fresh sage leaves
salt and pepper

1. First roast your butternut squash, I would cut the whole squash into the right size chunks, this means it’ll be quicker, season and roast for 20-30 minutes on a medium heat (180-200)

2. Get your ricotta into a large bowl and season

3. Fry your sage leaves with a little oil until they start to crisp and mix all 3 ingredients together.

4. Cut your puff pastry into circles and get your bottoms (slightly bigger circles) and tops in order ready.  Then dollop a bit of the mix in the middle, pop the top on and close up with a fork… you could also add a pattern on top like below.

Cook these for 20 minutes in preparing in advance, or 30 minutes if eating right away; just keep an eye on your pastry it might not even take this long.

We served these on a bed of pan-fried wild mushrooms and spinach…

With some salsa verde.

I know already this is something I will definitely be making again and again at home, imagine eating these beauties for lunch, you could make a batch and freeze them.