Hua Hin Vineyard

April 13, 2012

One of the best discovers in Hua Hin was a wine bar in a mall, not anywhere near as bad as it sounds, actually very nice. We drank delicious white wine and ate beautiful snacks.

Then we find out it’s a wine bar attached to a whole vineyard.

That you can go to, and drink more wine. To say I was a happy girl is an understatement.

 You can book a tour through a lots of hotels in the city but we booked it directly through the vineyard. You get picked up from the wine bar and brought back again after 3 hours.

Seeing a vineyard in such a tropical climate is kind of strange, the colours were slightly brighter. It’s an amazing view, all hazy.

You can ride around the vineyard on jeeps, bikes or elephants.

And as well as selling wine from Australia they also make their own.

We order a tasting menu, with the matching wines.

Our first bite was chilled crab meat with walnuts, green apple, tomato, Italian basil, celery, red radish, mint leaf, Thai sweet basil, apple guava vinaigrette.

It was fresh and delicious. And I have to say the wine is good, it’s not the best wine I have ever had (I’ll save that honour for New Zealand and California legs) but it was really nice and considering wine is fairly new to Thailand I was surprised to even find a vineyard.

Apparently there are only 7 in the country.

Then a rose with fresh goat cheese, grapes, peppercorns, vanilla vinaigrette, sweet Thai basil and parsley. My favourite.

Then a really good Shiraz with some duck. Perfect.

It was smoked duck breast on a crispy wonton; smoked duck breast, tamarind sauce, carrot, green mango, lettuce, chilli lime, vinaigrette crispy wonton.

The duck was pretty amazing. I was sorry to share this one.

The view just got hazier as the afternoon went on, it was dreamy.

I blame the goats cheese being so good, we had to order the cheese platter as we still had wine to drink. It was okay but the cheddar and the blue were a bit too cold and not very good. The brie was French and delicious though, and we were being greedy. Those grapes are grown on the vineyard. Delicious.

This vineyard is very well organised and sell a mountain of products other than wine, form jams and chutneys to by-products of the wine. Great idea, nothing is wasted and every bit of the land is being used to generate more income.

We found out while we were here that the company is owned by the son of the founder of Red Bull, which explains a lot.

The beautiful open restaurant looks out over the vineyard.

I highly recommend a visit to Hua Hin Vineyard, go on the afternoon bus and have some lunch, maybe ride an elephant around too!


Sukiski – Hua Hin

April 12, 2012

Sukiski is an amazing chain across Thailand of Japanese restaurants, they do an amazing sushi and soup all you can eat deal for what worked out to be about £5.


I normally hate all you can eat, but for sushi I can get down.

The conveyor belt is for soup adds.

The place was always so packed that the sushi is super fresh, I saw tray afer tray quickly emptied and replaced in the hour we were there.

The soups are fun, you get a big pot of stock on a burner in the middle of your table, picking your flavour then adding bits where you want to.

I added lots of fresh greens…

And beautiful pieces of meat, this beef was amazing.

The pork was also great.

You can serve your soup to each other in little bowls and eat until your full or the soup has gone. I didn’t quite get there though. Too much sushi.

Some of the tofu bits in Thailand looks so strange. I didn’t try these.

There is also all you can drink stations of all kinds of crazy soft drinks and an ice cream freezer where you also help yourself!

Wear comfy clothes and skip lunch!

Sukiski are all over Thailand, we saw branches in Hua Hin, Phuket (Patong) and Bangkok and are on facebook and tripadvisor.