Phew, it’s Thursday already? How did they happen? With my rammed up exercise regime (summer is coming) and decorating and moving rooms around at home plus a busy week at work my blogging has suffered.

Poor blog, it’s always the first thing to go.

But anyway back to Australia! And Brisbane was our first stop a city I loved, and so many great places to eat.

This restaurant is a great idea, and we so need this in Bristol. I would go there a lot that’s for sure.

It is all about the dumplings.

 They do serve a few other things as well…

But really all you need is this… grilled…


Or poached. We got several plates of different gyoza, from duck to prawn and vegetable they even had a special Christmas flavour (we were there in December).

We sat at the counter and you can see all the chefs cooking up the tasty little treats.

So where is the best place to get gyoza in Bristol? And who wants to open a restaurant like this? So easy, so tasty, so cheap and can be very healthy.

Near my office would be good. Thanks.

Harajuku Gyoza