Sake – Brisbane

May 23, 2012

So this restaurant was one of our food highlights on the whole trip… Sake is an amazing Sushi – Japanese restaurant in Brisbane.

The space is amazing, they have private rooms as well as traditional booths and then a huge normal restaurant space with tables and chairs.

We booked ahead and got a booth, the kind you have to climb into.

We started with cocktails, and there were many. They were all great, they have a dedicated bar staff here and our waitress was great at talking us through choices and making up bespoke cocktails to our tastes.

There were 5 of us which was great as it meant we got to try lots of different things.

I love these, and have said this before, but I have to get them when I can. So simple and so good.

The plate of sashimi was definately the best I had ever eaten. Look at the colours on that fish. So fresh.

The steamed prawn dumpling. Oh my. I can still remember these. I really wish I could make them.

These are Miso-Barra lettuce cups. Little bits of miso marinated fish – barrimundi in this case.

We randomly ordered a mushroom salad but it was filled with so many exotic mushrooms cooked just so, it was brilliant and unexpectly something we all fought over.

These are crispy chicken pieces, just like KFC… joke. Served with three very different and tasty sauces. I cannot remember what they were except I like the cremy slightly hot one in the middle.

This is the Wagyu beef, marinated in ginger and soy with chives. This was intense and so so good, I ate so much of this beef I felt bad for everyone else.

My plate looks bad in this photograph but I had to show you the pink colour of the meat. It melted in my mouth.

Popcorn shrimp, so light and little tiny bite size pieces. Very dangerously good as I doubt it’s as good for you as it is light. The sauce served with it was described as a cremey spicy sauce and I think the same one I liked with the chicken.

Salt and pepper tofu was ordered purely because my husband is obsessed. It was great.

Everyones aboslute favourite and the restaurant famous signiture dish; sushi tacos served with a shot of sake. We got tuna and salmon and then ordered another lot. These were so good and the ritual of the shot make them so much fun. I loved these, and again the fish was insanely good.

This was a cocktail some of us had served with a ball of ice, they have a special machine to make this. I had to show you.

Desserts were also good but not in the same league.

I had a chocolate bomb which was so rich and nearly pushed me over the edge. The sorbet served with it was beautiful though.

A berry creme brulee.

And a make shift apple tart. Which was the best chocie I think.

If you go here all you need to know if take a big group so you can order lots, drink cocktails and sake and get the sushi tacos.


This is the view from outside. Pretty amazing huh?

Sake – Brisbane


***edit*** just found this about ice balls for whiskey, check it out;

A super quick post this Friday….

This is an amazing place our friends showed up whilst in Brisbane, safe to say it’s a real mans shopping heaven, my Husband loved it. Our friend loved it so much he sometimes just stops in to check on the deals and his freezer is always full. We had several bits from here for BBQ’s and sandwiches over that week and it was all amazing.

SUPER Butcher. Yes indeed.

It is a huge refrigerated warehouse that sells meat, all direct from farms. It’s good quality produce.

They also have a dry aged beef room.

They give you these jackets on the way in, literally the whole place is freezing… I dread to think what their bills are like… and at the back they have an actual freezer room which is colder still. I didn’t even try that.

It such a crazy place I had to share, Australia has such a lot of land they can produce a lot of meat so I guess here it made sense. I cannot imagine that doing so well here.

Happy Friday People, see on MOnday for more Brisbane recommendations.

Phew, it’s Thursday already? How did they happen? With my rammed up exercise regime (summer is coming) and decorating and moving rooms around at home plus a busy week at work my blogging has suffered.

Poor blog, it’s always the first thing to go.

But anyway back to Australia! And Brisbane was our first stop a city I loved, and so many great places to eat.

This restaurant is a great idea, and we so need this in Bristol. I would go there a lot that’s for sure.

It is all about the dumplings.

 They do serve a few other things as well…

But really all you need is this… grilled…


Or poached. We got several plates of different gyoza, from duck to prawn and vegetable they even had a special Christmas flavour (we were there in December).

We sat at the counter and you can see all the chefs cooking up the tasty little treats.

So where is the best place to get gyoza in Bristol? And who wants to open a restaurant like this? So easy, so tasty, so cheap and can be very healthy.

Near my office would be good. Thanks.

Harajuku Gyoza