The Owl and the Pussycat is a great bar in Byron, they have big windows all around so you can shelter from the sun but still be outside, they do lots of food but we went for tapas and wine one evening.

I can’t lie, I mostly wanted to go here because of the neon signs.

These chilli and cumin spiced almonds were great.

My favourite bites were the herb and feta arancini, I really want to try to make some of these. I know I say this a lot.

These are little goats cheese and heirloom tomato tarts. Teeny tiny food makes me happy.

More seafood popcorn, they love it over there I had it so many times, this was served with lemon and pepper aioli.

We also ate whitebait, zucchini (courgette) and mint fritters and they were served with cucumber relish and black olive salsa.

Another recommendation for you… The Owl and The Pussycat – Byron Bay


Sling – Brisbane

May 22, 2012

Another great thing about Brisbane was all the amazing bars… and my favourite was Sling.

It’s a teeny bar but if you walk through it has a lovely lush courtyard full of trees and low seating.

It had a huge ‘bible’ of cocktails, a huge heavy book full of choices. A little overwhelming in fact. Big long descriptions and explanations and history. A little pretentious… maybe? But I liked it.

We had some amazing cocktails.

We all tried one of our choice each first… a couple of us chose the house cocktail which was amazing. I found out I like egg white in a cocktail… sound weird? It makes your cocktails all frothy and thick.

Then we picked four cocktails to share as a group, this might sound strange but they were I guess ‘foodie’ cocktails and we all wanted to try all of them.

We picked an English Marmalade one, served with brioche toast which was delicious.

We also tried a potato salad cocktail… I think the base was vodka.

This one was a sushi cocktail, sake with smoked salmon. It was horrible. I do not recommend trying something similar.

Would you try a food theme cocktail? I loved the little piece of toast, that’s surely a good idea when you’re drinking yes?

We have our fair share of lovely bars in Bristol too, I am planning on some spotlights soon.

Sling – Brisbane

Harvey Nichols, Bristol

January 11, 2011

This weekend we finally made a trip to the Harvey Nicks restaurant, I have wanted to go since forever but never managed to get round to it, the combination of eating in a gold dining room (love that!) and that the food has a great reputation pushed it to the top of my hit list…

After dark you enter through a side entrance, so you don’t have to be distracted by all the lovely shoes and clothes (damn!)

Another reason to go is the set menu, we had planned to splash out tonight but actually found that the set menu more appealing, and at £18 for three courses is an absolute bargain!

We were given an amazing amuse bouche, an artichoke velouté with truffle oil…

I have been wanting to try duck for a little while now, it’s something I never thought I would want to eat but reading a few duck recipes on various blogs has made me think about it a lot, so I thought this would be a chance for a taste before I try cooking it. 

We both went for the duck salad…

It was a great salad, the citrus and pomegranate were great with duck, fruit is I hear…

I also found out duck is very tasty indeed.

Just to show how times have changed the Boy then ordered the fish and I ordered more meat…

 He had salmon kedgeree, served with half an egg, I rarely criticise but that was a little silly, at least give the whole egg it’s not a huge dish, unless it was a presentation thing I do not understand this at all…

However I am advised it was a delicious meal and we ordered sides so it was not an issue.

I had Confit of guinea fowl, which was delicious… served with a parsnip mash and crisps…

For sides we had creamy Cavalo Nero (cream; great way to make vegetables unhealthy but even more tasty) with pancetta, and roasted Chantilly carrots with pumpkin seeds, I wasn’t sure about this at first but they go great together I will definitely be stealing that idea…

For dessert, again how things have changed I wanted nothing sweet…

The Boy ordered sticky toffee pudding, which was really light, so was a nice end to fill him up after two courses that were perfectly sized to leave for room for pudding!

And I moved to the a la carte for some cheese…

The blue was by far my favourite (which I think was the Dunsyre), so tangy!

The oatcakes were so thick that it was difficult to eat this delicately but they were so tasty I really didn’t care…

We washed this all down with Harvey Nicks Prosecco to start, and a Sancerre from 2009.

 I can’t share more than that as the Boy chose and I didn’t even get to see the list, and I had a very large glass of Harvey Nicks port to finish.

I definitely recommend the restaurant here, it feel very decadent eating in a gold room. The bar is great too and you almost don’t feel like you’re Bristol… I almost felt like I was back in Singapore or if the building was (much) higher New York… you have to use your imagination ut you know…

The food is great value, and so good and this week a new offer is starting, £19.50 for two people for three courses… ridiculous, so if you’re in Bristol go soon.