Arch House Deli

January 31, 2011

Arch House Deli in Clifton Village is one of my favourite places, their selection is amazing…

Fresh bread;

Posh flour to make real bread;

Huge selection of olives;

And kits to make chocolate rice pudding (YUM!);

I adore their spice cupboard;

Lahloo Tea; my fave!

And wine… they have local lovely’s like Strawberry Hill;

Look at this pile of chocolate treats;

They even have lots of treats for a nice lunch or dinner at home; pies, quiches and fishcakes looked great;

This was the treat table at Christmas, like a proper sweet shop!

Homemade colourful cupcakes;

And this was our destination; cheese!

Look at this beauty!

We very much enjoyed tucking into this, I wish I could tell you what we ate, and recommend as it was so good especially the one with the blue and yellow sticker…

I made some oatcakes… recipe here and we dug out some chutney and fig cheese jam…

Go visit, they have a cafe too… and a table outside in the sun is just the best place to have a cappuccino.