One of my must do’s in New Zealand was to visit some vineyards, which I think we could have done more of but since you have to drive everywhere and once you’ve seen some really good ones… it’s more about tasting some great wine then seeing as many as possible.

So on our last day on the south island instead of rushing around trying to see a few different ones, since we couldn’t drink much or buy any wine we decided to go for a blow out lunch instead.

We chose to go to Highfield as the hostel owner said the food was amazing and the setting beautiful, plus the wine is great.


I loved that just beyond the bathrooms you could go onto a viewing platform and check out the wine.

We walked through a small but perfectly formed shop and a lovely dining room straight outside to the patio. 

A beautiful place to eat lunch. 

 The only problem was chosing what to have. I wanted everything. Salmon, rabbit croquettes and cheese. Yes.

Pork belly and beef and local seafood. Yes.

Luckily they have a platter, which had a selection of… everything. Sold. 

Chardonnay or Sauvignon…


The perfect setting. At this point I was so gutted to be leaving. Who wouldn’t want this to be on your doorstep? 

We ordered a bottle of Chardonnay, my favourite. It was beautiful. We each had a glass with lunch and took the rest back to enjoy with dinner.

And then we absolutely stuffed our faces with amazing olive oil, bread and crackers… 

…a Vietnamese style chicken salad, pork belly, marinated beef, mussels, fish, little mini tarts, mini tastes of the soup, dips, fruit, olives and cheese.

Big picky lunches like this, in the sunshine with Chardonnay is possibly my favourite way to eat. Tasting lots of little bits is so satisfying.

And somehow we even found room for this delight… a rich chocolate cake with raspberry compote served with mint chocolate chip. Loved this flavour combination.

We even saved a few crumbs for the this little guy, my the birds in New Zealand are cheeky, and very brave.

We loved Highfield and highly recommend you stop here to eat not just taste the wine.

Highfield – Marlborough, New Zealand

We visited many vineyards on our trip but we want to recommend one particular one because the setting is so lovely and the owners were amazing.

Chard Farm is opposite the bungee bridge, you cross over this valley then down a long winding track…

I don’t know what would happen if you met someone on the way in… there isn’t much room.

Then you drive through the vines…

And pull up to this beautiful house, very mediterranean don’t you think?

The old till…

We got an amazing red called the Tiger for my father in law, that was the name of his squadron in the RAF so we thought it’d make a good present.

Unlike the bigger vineyards there is no charge for tasting here (you can tip if you like) and they didn’t get snooty when we didn’t buy much. With two very full backpacks and two flights to go we couldn’t get more than 1 bottle in.

We really love Chard Farm, they are lovely go visit!

Chard Farm – outside of Queenstown, New Zealand

I don’t have many recommendations for Sydney, we ate a lot of good food but a lot of it was grab and go food, there was lots of getting food we could go and sit and eat outside… there are just too many good settings.

We were also trying to save some cash… Sydney is expensive and the exchange rate was killing us at this point!

One spot I do have to tell you about is Chish and Fips in Coogee, I loved this place and the food was amazing.

It’s on the grassy area overlooking Coogee Beach…

They do awesome coffee too, from this Italian car like machine.

For a little hut the menu was amazing, so much choice for fish and salads and dressings… 

I mean how many local fish and chips shops here have salads like these…

We went with a fish fillet burger – no batter. It was so good, I had all but forgotten it though and this is a great idea for a weekend lunch or quick dinner.

A wholemeal bun filled with salad and a yogurt sauce and freshly grilled fish all by the beach. Delicious.

Chish and Fips – Coogee Beach

Sydney Fish Market

June 19, 2012

One place we HAD to visit when we visited Sydney was the Fish Market. My Husband lived nearby for a while when he was younger and shopped there a lot. I am so jealous of this place, the range of the fish and seafood was insane, and you know its fresh too… the boats are right there.

We just went for a mooch and to grab some lunch.

It was a cloudy day.

I loved this store front, so cute.

Inside the market there are a variety of restaurants and stores, all selling the freshest fish straight from the boats.

Peters was one of the biggest shops and had a massive range of fish and seafood to take home as well as a fish and chip counter at the back…

Huge lobsters!

At the back is this huge outdoor seating area where if you’re quick you might be able o eat your food before the seagulls close in… you are absolutely not allowed to feed them here.

We were unfortunately not massively hungry and fully planned on coming back to eat a huge seafood platter one night but we didn’t manage it.

The calamari was great though, I dread to think over the course of our trip how much of this we are… it seemed to be a thing in every country we visited!

These massive pelicans (?) scared me a little, those beaks were huge!

Sydney Fish Market –  Go hungry!

A super quick post this Friday….

This is an amazing place our friends showed up whilst in Brisbane, safe to say it’s a real mans shopping heaven, my Husband loved it. Our friend loved it so much he sometimes just stops in to check on the deals and his freezer is always full. We had several bits from here for BBQ’s and sandwiches over that week and it was all amazing.

SUPER Butcher. Yes indeed.

It is a huge refrigerated warehouse that sells meat, all direct from farms. It’s good quality produce.

They also have a dry aged beef room.

They give you these jackets on the way in, literally the whole place is freezing… I dread to think what their bills are like… and at the back they have an actual freezer room which is colder still. I didn’t even try that.

It such a crazy place I had to share, Australia has such a lot of land they can produce a lot of meat so I guess here it made sense. I cannot imagine that doing so well here.

Happy Friday People, see on MOnday for more Brisbane recommendations.

 A little recommendation for you today, I discovered these chocolates at my local farmers market recently.

I bought two, took them back to our table and ate them.

Then I bought two more to take home (including the most amazing salted caramel chocolate, the last one no less) and cursed myself for not buying more.

You should not make the same mistake, go buy some!

Amazing salted caramel… *drool*

I also tried a black cherry creme and my friend Sarah had a lime flavour chocolate

and a raspberry and white chocolate truffle

So so so good, so fresh, I have never tasted chocolates as good as this!

Arch House Deli

January 31, 2011

Arch House Deli in Clifton Village is one of my favourite places, their selection is amazing…

Fresh bread;

Posh flour to make real bread;

Huge selection of olives;

And kits to make chocolate rice pudding (YUM!);

I adore their spice cupboard;

Lahloo Tea; my fave!

And wine… they have local lovely’s like Strawberry Hill;

Look at this pile of chocolate treats;

They even have lots of treats for a nice lunch or dinner at home; pies, quiches and fishcakes looked great;

This was the treat table at Christmas, like a proper sweet shop!

Homemade colourful cupcakes;

And this was our destination; cheese!

Look at this beauty!

We very much enjoyed tucking into this, I wish I could tell you what we ate, and recommend as it was so good especially the one with the blue and yellow sticker…

I made some oatcakes… recipe here and we dug out some chutney and fig cheese jam…

Go visit, they have a cafe too… and a table outside in the sun is just the best place to have a cappuccino.