Santa Barbara Shellfish Company

August 1, 2012

Our next stop after Los Angeles was Santa Barbara, the cutest town ever right on the coast, I loved it here. 

We went straight out to explore and walked the length of main street right down to the Wharf…

At the end is the Santa Barbara Shellfish Company, I was on the hunt for some chowder so we made a beeline for some seats outside and watched the sunset. Apparently this is the place to go for fresh seafood too…

The cutest shack! It’s bigger than it looks.

We ordered some drinks, always necessary after a few hours drive on roads I don’t know. 

We watched other diners pick their dinner… I could never do that. I felt so sorry for the lobster. I am so very squeamish. 

We each ordered a cup of local seafood chowder with those crazy oyster crackers, I love those things. I have no idea what they are.

We also decided to try oysters… I never have, they are just not nice to look at. To be fair I didn’t try mussels until I was 18 and I love them now…

We ordered the cocktail, so an oyster with tomato and tabasco with cheese. I still couldn’t do it, I totally wimped out.

So my Husband stepped up and ate them both. 


I definitely think if you visit you should spent a night on the wharf, it was so typically American, the food, the drinks, the people and the stores. I loved it. 

 Santa Barbara Shellfish Company – On the wharf


7 Responses to “Santa Barbara Shellfish Company”

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  2. Looks like you had a blast! I hope to make it to the east coast soon!

  3. I meant west coast. Lol

  4. Life & Sunshine Says:

    youre so lucky you got a spot outside at sunset! that’s one on the only places on the water with good seafood and a view :) looks like you had a great time in SB!

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