Hopgood’s – Nelson, New Zealand

July 3, 2012

We arrived in Nelson after a beautiful first day and found our hostel before going for a big stomping New Zealand style walk (see You Make Me Swoon) then we decided to walk in to town to have some dinner.

It was a beautiful evening.

The town at first isn’t very inspiring and I was wondering where on earth we were going to eat until we found this pretty little square.

There were a few great looking places but we decided to treat ourselves, after all that was the reason we decided to stay in hostels… so we went with Hopgoods.

It was a very European feeling square with the sun slowly going down and everyone sitting outside drinking the local wine.

Reading the below sealed the deal, this meal is one we still remember.

We drank some very local Syrah from a vineyard we drove past on our way here.


We skipped the starters as the puddings sounded too good and we are always too greedy for our own good.

They sound good though, I would have gone with the stuffed zucchini flowers.

We did order some bread, with marinated olives, dips and frogs end olive oil.

This olive oil was amazing, look at that colour!

The I ordered Pure Angus Beef fillet with crispy risotto croquettes, crushed peas, mushrooms and bacon which was roasted at a low temperature served medium rare. There was never any doubt I would pick this… the addition of peas will always sway me but served with risotto croquettes? It was love.

I ate as slowly as I could, and it was the kind of food that I wanted to share so that my Husband could taste how good it was.

Also his looked pretty amazing so I wanted to share his too…

He had slow cooked pork belly with parmesan butter beans, roast tomatoes and salsa verde, again beautifully cooked and presented well. I do like pretty food.

As I mentioned we sat in the square but the inside was just as lovely, from the tiny front you wouldn’t guess how big it was.

They had a display of a ton of awards near the bathrooms.

And dessert… I had to try some cheese and chose the potted Whitestone windsor blue with walnut crumbs, poached pear and fruit digestives from Oamaru.

It. Was. Amazing.

I need to try to replicate these biscuits for cheese.

And my husband ate a dark chocolate mouse with raspberry marshmallow and sorbet, we also shared these… that way we both got chocolate and cheese.

Definitely one of the best meals we ate on our trip… and we ate a lot.

Hopgoods – Nelson, New Zealand


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