The Slip Inn – New Zealand

July 2, 2012

We are now visiting New Zealand…

We arrived in Wellington first and spent the day there but since it was raining and we went back at the end of the trip I’ll save it until then.

The following morning we jumped in the little tiny car we had hired and got on the ferry to the South Island… the ride was amazing (see You Make Me Swoon for photographs of that) and then we landed and drove through vineyards in glorious sunshine.

Just as we were getting really hungry we saw signs for mussels so we pulled off and found this amazing little gem.

The Slip Inn is located in Havelock which is not far inland from the Marlborough Sounds and so worth seeking out. The location on the marina is lovely.

We didn’t even look at the other items on the menu we were all about the mussels, and we didn’t mess about with any of the other lovely ways to have them sticking with the classic steamed in white wine.

They came with a mini loaf of bread and butter, which was beautiful. There is something about just plain white bread and butter, so so good. Especially after a very early morning and a long ferry ride where I felt very sea sick so I was absolutely starving.

 Then these monsters arrived.

And we sat munching looking at this view, my husband with a nice big glass of local Pinot Noir (me stealing little tastes) and I remember feeling ridiculously happy that we were about to start part 3 of the honeymoon… and we still had so much time away.

Seriously, have you ever seen mussels this big? I’ve had amazing big huge ones in Cornwall but these were another level.

In fact they were so big I did actually get squeamish at the end and couldn’t finish.

But I am so happy we stopped here, a great way to start our trip. I mean look at that water and that sky. The bluest blue and greenest green.

We didn’t quite have time to stay for dessert but we grabbed some of their cookies on the way out, they were right by the till and I couldn’t resist.

Once again huge chunky cookies with huge chocolate chunks.


So as you can guess I kinda loved it here.

The Slip Inn


5 Responses to “The Slip Inn – New Zealand”

  1. I think NZ mussels are my favourite food in the entire world! This place looks gorgeous.

  2. […] We stopped for lunch at the lovely Slip Inn… […]

  3. bakearama Says:

    What a lovely post… happy honeymoon!

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