O-Sushi – Byron Bay

June 11, 2012

Another little recommendation from Byron Bay, and another Sushi restaurant.

O Sushi was so good, a standard conveyor belt spot.

We got involved and tried lots of favourites as well as some deep-fried sushi. Extra tasty.

Won tons…

These are quite boring but I love them so and will always pick them.

 Although I didn’t go massively adventurous I did try some new looking sushi (to me) and loved it. Anything with fresh tuna in the middle is a win.

The deep-fried sushi… making something so healthy naughty is always going to be tasty.

Always has to be done…

Sushi with deep-fried goodness on the top. I have no idea what this roll was called but it was amazing.

We also got some tempura prawns and vegetables.

Loved it, amazing Sushi… why does everyone do it better than us? The staff were lovely too, even though they were packed with a queue and people spilling out onto the street tables.

O-Sushi – Byron Bay


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