I love Food Trucks

June 8, 2012

I wish we had more of these in Bristol permanently… this was a weekend event a couple of weeks ago with traders that are mostly based in London. Some of you need to move here!


I didn’t get to try a lobster roll, so gutted this stand looked so good.

As did the pizza van, my Husband did try some at the end of the weekend but today I was on a mission…

I wasn’t interested in the smoothies either, delicious as they looked.

Loved this airstream selling cupcakes, so cool.

And these Gentleman selling kedgeree looked very dapper, but again this was not what I came for…

I have heard great things about Byron Burgers but I heard more than a few grumbles about the price; £8.50 for a burger with no chips or place to sit… maybe they’re worth it but I didn’t find out myself…

Churros, I need more churros in my life having got addicted to them in California. Great sticks of doughy goodness.

Cabot set up little seating areas, shame it wasn’t very sunny when I visited.

I did try my first bubble tea, and while the tea was delicious I found out I am not keen on the tapioca balls… sorry! I love how cute they look but just think it’s strange.

This was what I came for… a hot dog!

I loved grabbing hot dogs when I was in the US, I think it’s because it’s such an iconic American thing to do, but I also love them with pickles and mustard and onions; the works. So good.

Big Apple Hot Dogs are London based but are the real deal.

The works; I was so happy at this moment.

I also paid a visit to Daisy Green to get some Fro-yo, another American obsession.

It’s so good; being tasty as hell and low-fat… until you put Oreos on top.

Can we have more of these permanently in Bristol pleeeeeeeeeeeease? I love American food, maybe a taco stand!!



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