Super Butcher – Brisbane

May 18, 2012

A super quick post this Friday….

This is an amazing place our friends showed up whilst in Brisbane, safe to say it’s a real mans shopping heaven, my Husband loved it. Our friend loved it so much he sometimes just stops in to check on the deals and his freezer is always full. We had several bits from here for BBQ’s and sandwiches over that week and it was all amazing.

SUPER Butcher. Yes indeed.

It is a huge refrigerated warehouse that sells meat, all direct from farms. It’s good quality produce.

They also have a dry aged beef room.

They give you these jackets on the way in, literally the whole place is freezing… I dread to think what their bills are like… and at the back they have an actual freezer room which is colder still. I didn’t even try that.

It such a crazy place I had to share, Australia has such a lot of land they can produce a lot of meat so I guess here it made sense. I cannot imagine that doing so well here.

Happy Friday People, see on MOnday for more Brisbane recommendations.


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