May 4, 2012

Last weekend for date night my Husband and I headed to Bravas, the newest hot spot in Bristol for tapas on Cotham Hill.

Bravas actually used to be a supperclub making this venture somehow even more impressive.

It is a beautiful space and was so busy, just like it should be, people eating at tables and the bar and every space possible.

The menu… all the classics are there

It was so packed I was so thankful I had booked and felt bad as we had to kick people off our table so we could sit.

They bring you bread right away, bonus points for the delicious butter pats.

We had to get some manchego cheese, husband wasn’t impressed but I like it and it wouldn’t be right not to, not when in Spain .

I loved the patatas bravas. I think I’ll order two next time. The presentation is too cute and also practical as your potatoes stay crispy. Love.

We also tried a delicious fresh salad with oranges, I do love a fruity salad. This was so good I’ll definitely make it at home.

Squid, my husband favourite. This was so fresh and barely cooked. Amazing with aioli.

We kept going with the lamb chop, which was beautiful. Cooked very simply and with a little taste of herbs this was great and even though I am still a little squeamish with bones we ate every last bit of the meat.

The grilled Iberico pork, looking a little sad on the plate but was delicious. Again could have eaten two of these, but then that wouldn’t be tapas would it.

I was stuffed at this point but since I really wanted to recommend Bravas to you all I had to have a dessert, since my recommendations are so often 1 course. So for you I tried a custard tart, not because I obsessed with them or anything.

I really need to make these! 

I love places like this, a sociable, lively place to have drinks and some nibbles of food. We were pretty full but not sleepy full like you are after a big meal. Definitely a great place to go with a group of friends too. I will be going again for sure.



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