Sunrise Taco’s – Bangkok

May 1, 2012

We hit Bangkok! Our last stop in Thailand, we spent 5 days here and you can read about our time here

One of my stand out memories was going to the club that you must visit when in Bangkok, it’s the one all my friends play when they come here, the hot spot I guess. Unfortunately no-one I knew was playing when I was there, I missed Die by a week… so annoying!

So the music wasn’t for us, but the DJ did play a Rhianna track so I was happy for all of 3 minutes and we had fun getting drunk with our friend Jack who lives in the city.

So on our way home we had to stop for some late night snacks, Jack said this mexican was a late night favourite, and I am always happy to eat Mexican food.

The place is in a square of full on neon.

I love places with tick-box menus. SO organised.

Chip me up.

I was drunk so it may not be the best Mexican, and you are in Thailand so you could go for late night street food but I loved the tacky neon… go visit after Bed; Sunrise Tacos

This is what we need at home, I know Bristol is a small city but there is no where good to eat after 11. NO where!

Correct me if I am wrong.


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