Happy Friday!

April 20, 2012

Friday is here.

It has been a busy but really good week, I am back in the game (finally) with the gym and have seen lots of friends. And the best thing?

I have no plans tonight… no plans!

I was up at 6 to gym it, so that is done, I am going to buy something delicious for dinner on my lunch break which means come 5 o clock I can swan straight home, straight into a big hot bubble bath and then straight in to my pjs.

Yes I am excited by that, and yes I may be a loser, but I am a happy loser.

My Husband is out with friends so I can have whatever I want for dinner, usually when I only have myself to worry about I revert to single girl days of a dinner of toast or cheese and crackers.

Tonight though I want to cook myself a feast.

Problem is I have no idea what I want… Ideas please.

I may be spending my day drooling over Spoon Fork Bacon. My new obsession. I like the look of something like this…

Served with a big glass of Shiraz. Yes.

Have a great weekend People.

Photo from Spoon Fork Bacon


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