Night Market in Hua Hin

April 19, 2012

This is my last post from Hua Hin before we move on to Bangkok, our last stop in Thailand!

I must apologise for a couple of days of silence, with a very busy few days at work and out of work I just haven’t had a chance to post let alone write.

So anyway my last recommendation for Hua Hin is to check out the many night markets, we went very hungry which is more than necessary to the biggest which is near the mall and sells food as well as having more permanent stalls selling clothes, make up, motorbikes (really) and sadly also a pet store which was horrendous, poor dogs in tiny cages made me cry. Avoid!

But the food stalls were amazing we started at the front and walked around once before walking back around and trying little bits from as many stalls as possible.

The only way to eat at a market.

One thing I did refuse was bugs… I am just not into bugs, I definitely don’t feel the need to eat them.

There were so many BBQ stalls, this chicken was pretty amazing, sticky and sweet. One tip bring wet wipes with you.

Dim sum, you gotta get the dim sum. It looks crazy weird and colourful but it great.

And spring rolls, deep-fried. Not much health food available here but oh these were so good, served with sticky chilli sauce. Amazing.

My husband had to get squid, I couldn’t handle it as it came whole. I am a wimp about that stuff.

And our last dish which finished us off was called fried green stuff. Serious. It was okay but definitely not good for you. We didn’t finish it.

I even had a beer. It was actually pretty good, one of those occasions that calls for beer not anything else. I never drink the stuff… I don’t think I could finish it though.

You must visit markets and eat street food in Thailand, if I can do it little Miss squeamish then anyone can find something they want to eat.


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