Putahracsa – Hua Hin

April 11, 2012

Our next destination was Hua Hin, and our hotel was Putahrasca one of the best places we stayed in.

The food had a lot to do with this.

This was their beachside restaurant, a lovely cool and breezy place to eat lunch.

I ordered a crab and avocado salad on our first full day, simple and not Thai food but so fresh and perfect.

Another dish sampled was chicken with papaya salad. Again freshness and so well cooked. They make everything fresh to order so the food doesn’t fly out but it was always amazing.

Another recommendation was the stir fried chicken with chilli and basil, made super hot my husband loved this. I also highly recommend the prawn caesar salad eaten on our last day… it was so good there is no photograph. Huge juicy prawns and a light salad with a little of the perfect sauce.

The second restaurant was near our room and in the sheltered pool area and where breakfast was served.
One particularly sweltering day I refused to move from the pool side and ordered to my sun lounger.

My husband ordered a Pad Thai, and like I have mentioned measures a place against it. He did say it wasn’t the best he had eaten (or the biggest) but it came with all the right components and was good.

I ordered a club sandwich, fries and a sprite, boy was that a happy 15 minutes if I could transport myself back to that moment right now I would; poolside with french fries and sunshine.

And breakfast… well breakfast ruled. If I ate like this every day I would be living in the gym.

So I am gushing again, but I did love it here. You can eat in the restaurant by the beach even if you are not a guest and it is a great place to spend an evening, drinking cocktails on the huge day beds and then watching the sun go down while you eat… Putahracsa 

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  1. this is actually the second time i read the blog, good article as usually! thanks.

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