Tonson Beach Restaurant – Koh Lak

April 10, 2012

Back to Thailand we go, after a long weekend, did you have a good one?

This place is one of my fondest memories and the kind of place I love to stumble upon on a trip.

The view from our table could not be beaten, definitely one of the best tables I have eaten at, sand beneath our toes, sun on our face and the waves crashing providing the most relaxing soundtrack ever.

We only stopped for a drink, it was super hot and I was flagging. Then we saw food going to other tables, and smelt the smells. So we joined in.

My husband ordered a squid salad, and asked for it to be hot. This was one of the few times we were not given tourist hot but hot. Maybe not quite Thai hot, but I think they are probably right not to do that.

The squid was so fresh and tender and barely cooked. The chilli was perfect, very hot for me, lips were left tingling.

I ordered fish fillets with garlic, and boy there was garlic. It was amazing.

And once again, the view.

I finished with a banana milkshake, I got addicted to these things.

 You can find Tonson on the beach in Koh Lak, if you enter the beach on the main entrance archway it is the first restaurant you come to on the strip. If you are coming from the other way then it would be the last. It is very near to the large chain hotels.

LOVE it, do seek it out if you visit. 


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