The Candle – Koh Lak

April 3, 2012

The Candle looked like the kind of restaurant that I could get dressed up for, so I persuaded my Husband that we should, in the land of amazing food markets, posh it up now and again.

We wanted to sit outside, which is kind of porch around the side of the actual restaurant, with a little long thin pond filled with Koi carp… who I have to say I felt a little sorry for. They have really good air con here, so during the day I would sit inside at night it’s too cold.

It’s one of those rare places where they sell wine and actual spirits, not Thai versions.

They even brought us a little amuse… a little won-ton each.

With wine being few and far between in Thailand each time I got a glass I appreciated it so much, I should have learned a lesson here I think…

We ordered shrimp cakes to start, I have never seen them look like this; a shrimp donut!

My Husband messed up a little here and didn’t order Thai food, he ordered a Prawn dish that was supposed to be like duck a l’orange. It was okay but certainly not the best.

I ordered beef masaman which was amazing… always stick with the Thai food in Thailand.

We were too full for dessert but they brought us a little fruit plate anyway, I love these touches. The pineapple really helped us to feel less full.

They also gave us these crazy coffee sweet. Stay away I warn you.

Lessons learned, stick with the Thai food and drink less wine and you’ll appreciate it more!

The Candle  in Koh Lak


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