Duansuk Seafood – Phuket, Thailand

March 30, 2012

This spot was one of our best finds, whilst staying at Rawai Palm Beach we checked out the little strip of restaurants along the waterfront and picked this one purely because it was packed with Thai families.

We did good.

Being right on the water where all the fishing boats came in this strip was all about the seafood.

The kitchen is kind of ad hoc and just sits within the restaurant,

We ate stir-fried squid with garlic and pepper, a great basic but delicious dish, like I said it’s all about the seafood here. This squid was so fresh and hardly cooked at all. Perfect.

My husbands test of any Thai restaurant even in Thailand; the Papaya Salad, get it wrong and you’re history in his eyes.

This one was proper, although he prefers it a bit hotter I was able to enjoy this one as well.

The random assortment of mouth cooling vegetables and salad.

The closet to a Pad Thai here; stir-fried noodles with prawns was delicious.

We also ordered some fried prawn cakes which were amazing and not greasy at all, pretty light actually.

The restaurant is located in Rawai on Phuket, on the waterfront where most of the day trip and fishing boats go from and you will find it if you ask around, google it and lots of reviews come up.

The kind of real Thai restaurant I would LOVE in Bristol please!


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