Thai Full Moon Festival at Serenity

March 29, 2012

One of our most touristy nights was on Phuket, as you would expect!

It was the night of the full moon and Serenity hotel threw a party so we went along. We were in a much smaller hotel just along the beach so it was an easy walk, with this view…

The hotel looked amazing in the moonlight… we started the evening on a roof terrace overlooking the pool and the beach for drinks with some traditional music and lot of amazing Thai girls dressed in traditional costume milling around us.

They had a huge buffet, with lots of stations of chefs preparing traditional Thai food, with some Japanese added as well. It was all really good, I normally hate all you can eat but when it is all freshly prepared right before your eyes it’s a whole different ball game.

Beautiful spring rolls… I had about eight of these.

There was also entertainment, there was traditional dancing and music as well as a beauty contest between staff of the hotel, which was strange to say the least.

As part of the festival we also released a little flower candle onto the sea… you can read more about this here, I think we can safely say we spent the night very differently to most tourists in Thailand

So we released our krathong and made wishes for our marriage.

We also released chinese lanterns which is supposed to bring merit… again look here for more information

 Although it was very set up for tourists and hotel guests we did have a good night, the beauty contest was strange but the whole night was very funny and the hotel is lovely, we hung out here a lot eating by the pool while we were here and the food was always wonderful, especially the curries.


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