Phuket Cookery School – Ka Nom Kluay

March 28, 2012

Our dessert I was sad to see was not sticky rice and mango (Husbands favourite) but steamed banana cakes, but these were so cute and again simple to make I am glad I learnt how as I never would have chosen these.

We made little cups from banana leaves to steam our cakes in.

You need, for two people;
3 very ripe bananas
100g rice flour
20 tapioca flour for thickening
120g sugar
pinch salt
60ml coconut cream
50 grated young coconut

1. Mix all the ingredients in a mixing bowl and smash until a smooth mixture is formed. Pour the mixture into containers or cups, or banana leaves!

2. Steam them over boiling water for 20-30 minutes or until the cakes become springy.

 You can eat the cakes hot or cold, I ate one of mine with some coffee at the end of a long day of eating.

I had to, such a Thai dessert, quite light considering and I imagine stomach and mouth soothing too great after a hot Thai dish


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