Phuket Town Market Tour

March 13, 2012

Everyone (I think) who goes to Thailand does a cookery course.

I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t like Thai food, and it is so easy but the best way to learn is from a Thai person.

For my birthday my Husband brought me a day class while we were in Phuket that included a market tour.

I mostly spent the tour being super jealous of the range and quality of the produce, and wishing I had a a market like this in Bristol.

One of the first thing we saw was a little stall selling dim sum and families around tables full of said dim sum. Lucky people.

These are called stink beans. I have no idea what you do with them but we saw them all over Thailand.

These are banana leaves, our guide spent a lot of time explaining that Thai people eat everything.

If they eat the banana they will also eat the leaves and the flowers, if they eat chicken breast they’ll eat everything else (they love jellied chicken feet, ugh). It’s a very responsible way of eating and I wish I wasn’t so squemish, there is just no way I would ever be able to practise this.

The banana flowers…

This is tamarind, we also saw these on a tree at another hotel we stayed in later on and I recognised it so I definitely learnt something. We tried it straight off the tree as well, it was quite sour but tasty.

There were masses of curry pastes. I am sure everyone has the stall they always visit for their favourite paste.

Look closely at the below photo and you can see the huge amount of chilli seeds in these pastes.

Bugs. Ugh. These are normally ground up into a paste for curries. I really hope this wasn’t in any curry I ate.

Fresh lemongrass, imagine that.

Huge amounts of fresh herbs and spices. This is what made me green with envy. It’s so hard to get even simple coriander near me sometimes.

A stall of chillies, limes and stink beans. I love the colours.

Again jealously reared its head when looking at all the different mushrooms.

The pretty flowers stalls were where people buy ready-made offerings or the fixings to make their own. I really wanted to buy some, to wear as necklaces (offensive much?) So pretty.

Again using everything, lotus flowers.

Yellow watermelons, I’d never seen these before, colour is so great.

And our guide bought us some of those chinese doughnuts, this is where I became addicted. You can see more of these throughout my Thailand posts after this day.

I am not keen on the taste or texture of these sweets but they are so pretty.

A guy grinding fresh coconut, the smell was amazing.

Our guide picked this up and said ‘your food’ I did try to tell her that I would never eat a sandwich like that but she was sure this is what we usually ate for lunch in the UK. She thought this was hilarious.

Such a great idea to do before a cookery course, I encourage you all to do so with a guide she really got us into trying things and brought little tastes of different things for us to eat.


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