Time for Lime – Koh Lanta

March 5, 2012

Good Monday!

I am slowly but surely managing to catch up on some blog from my trip, they are all of course eating out, except a couple of cookery school posts which are coming soon.

In the meantime I wanted to share one of our stand out meals in Thailand, which was on Koh Lanta at a cookery school/restaurant called Time for Lime.

It’s right on the beach along from where we stayed… and in the usual Koh Lanta/Thai style is covered in lanterns, all of which are green.

Not only is Time for Lime a cookery school as well as having a separate restaurant and bar the owner also runs an animal shelter, which you can also visit.

The restaurant is run in a genius way, every night there is a tasting menu, this is all you can have, and there is no guarantee of what dish will come out when. This means the kitchen can make lots of each dish fresh and sent it out to multiple tables at one.

Here was our menu for a Saturday night… I would also like to add that we shared one between us.

It is not expensive here by any means but is more than most meals we ate in Thailand, plus with six dishes it was more than enough even though they were small plates.

We started with mojitos which were amazing, probably up there with the best I’ve had ever and definitely the best I had in Thailand.

We had lots of gecko’s hanging out with us during our meal… so cute.

So we started with the fish, a marinated snapped in red curry sauce and rice. It was beautiful, not hugely spicy but hot enough for me.

They also served wine. Massive winner.

The chicken satay; up there with the best satay we ate.

It was lighter and a sweeter than most we ate and not gloopy at all.

This is a deep-fried papaya salad, neither of us were that into what we thought was making a massively healthy tasty salad unhealthy, but it was amazing. The batter was super light and did take this salad somewhere very interesting.

The stir-fried seafood in a roasted chilli sauce was beautifully simple and very hot. Amazing.

The tropical mango salsa rolls with prawns and wasabi, the prawns were just great at this stage. I am actually glad our food came out differently to the menu as this was a light dish and cleansed our palates after all the chilli.

Then the dessert. We got a little one each and I was so happy about this, it was so good, unfortunately I cannot remember for sure what it was but it was definitely a cheesecake and possibly was lime curd. I do remember I was gutted when it was over.

After the amazing mojitos we decided we had to try their other cocktails….

Chilli margarita’s…

And lemongrass. I did originally go for the chilli but had to swap with the Husband. Can you see all that chilli? It was pretty hot.

The lemongrass one wasn’t quite as good but much appreciated afterwards. Order both and share them both is my advice.

Definitely go eat here if you visit Koh Lanta it’s great fun and everything was so good. Some of the best food we ate in the whole 6 weeks and they are doing things a little differently. I would imagine the cookery school is great too.

It’s easy to find being right at the end of Klong Dao Beach.

Time for Lime 


2 Responses to “Time for Lime – Koh Lanta”

  1. Rawi Warin Says:

    great stuff :P definitely liked this article, i’m going to read more on your site after i am done with work! ;)

  2. Junie Says:

    I was so happy to read your blog!
    cheers, Junie – the creator of Time For Lime

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