3 Spices – Patong

November 20, 2011

So along with eating at very cheap restaurants, we have been treating ourselves as well. This is the honeymoon after all!

So on a ‘date night’ (difficult to distguinish when eating out every night) we got a little dressed up and went to 3 Spices.

It is a great spot for watching the chaos of Patong at night.

We had a great table high from the street so we didn’t get bothered with people selling all kinds if everything but we could see everything.

We once again ordered more than we could eat.

First we shared some squid, we are trying to order just right its just not working.

The squid in Thailand so far has been standardly amazing, and this was no exception, but very light cut into tiny pieces perfect for a light starter.

Then we shared a red curry with duck. This was beautiful. I couldn’t get enough. Best curry I have had so far.

And another favourite of ours, chilli basil prawns. This was hot, not quite hot enough for the Husband but enough for me!

The whole time we ate these trucks were parading Muai Thai boxers around advertising a fight.

Then another favourite of The Husbands, sticky rice and mango, and my first try of this dish. I can see why he loves it so.

The tuk tuk’s here are pimped out. It’s amazing. Their music however is not.

3 Spices is on the main strip 1 street over from the beach, you can’t miss it.


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