The Nap

November 19, 2011

I have already talked about this Hotel on Swoon, The Nap, but I wanted to write a separate post here because the restaurant here is also great and a very glam place to spend an evening.

Just 1 piece of advice, the chairs are low so don’t wear anything too short ladies!

Our fruit platter when we arrived, too pretty not to show you.

So our first lunch here I ordered seafood noodles. It was delicious, with a good portion of the thick yellow noodles with vegetables, squid, fish and a huge mussel with a poached egg.
It was also served with a small clear soup, spring onions and what we thick were some pork stratchings. It was great and I was gutted we had agreed to share dishes!

We also ordered the fried rice, which came with some clear soup, prawns and a salt egg. I tried this and it was not good. I didn’t like that at all. Anyone tried this and liked it?

Below is a very pretty port salad, very spicy. My husband enjoyed this.

All the food we ate here was beautiful, this was from their healthy menu, feared towards eating well and giving nutitional information, this was supposed to help me sleep.

I swear I kicked my jet lag that night.

They also had a great bar, with a couple of long happy hours every day.

I tried cocktails of many colours.

So many hotel restaurants are blah, was great to have somewhere with such lovely food.

The Nap – Patong, Phuket, Thailand


One Response to “The Nap”

  1. Joanna Says:

    That food looks amazing. I hope I get a chance to visit one day.

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