Lahloo Tea – The Pantry

November 17, 2011

If you have read this blog for any length of time you have probably read about Lahloo Tea. This small company that want to re-educate people about the joys of proper tea and how wonderful it can be.

I always drank loose tea when I went to places that serve it but never beyond that. But now? Yes I am a convert. The flavour will always beat a tea bag every time.

Lahloo Tea have now gone one step further and have opened a place of their own, The Pantry in Clifton Village. I was desperate to visit before I left on my trip and just managed to do it, with my Mum visiting I needed no better reason, so we went.

You enter this cute cafe to a counter filled with all kinds of treats both savoury and sweet.

The cakes and biscuits are so pretty and perfectly formed.

And of course all the different kinds of Lahloo tea. The reason you visit!

We both picked the tart for lunch, Mum having the smoked haddock and me the three cheese, which both came with a beautiful celeriac salad and a refreshing cucumber and chilli salad.

They also have a wonderful breakfast menu (anywhere that does egg and solders is alright by me)

And we both of course ordered tea.

I ordered Jasmine Pearls, having heard lots about these, but never tried them. The tea is made from the little pearls you see below, is a very fragrant but delicate tea, and so refreshing.

My Mum went for a much darker tea, and picked Smokey. Another one I need to try.

As well as staying here to eat and drink everything is available for takeaway and there is a fully stocked tea shop for you, with all the Lahloo teas. Also lots of accessories. I so want a Matcha tea set!

So I was always going to be biased here but The Pantry really is lovely, so lovely I am jealous! Jealous that I don’t live near, and jealous that it’s not my cafe!

The whole place is lovely and as always the details are what make me love somewhere and they really have taken care with everything here, right down to lovely soap in the bathroom, which for me is a detail often forgotten but when a bathroom is nice I am always impressed.

And so then we left, but not before taking more treats with us!

Just a little post and a nudge to go visit!

Lahloo Tea – Clifton Village


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