No Solo Agua Club – Portugal

October 10, 2011

We found this amazing  beach club on a day trip out that went quite badly at first!

We headed out to check out Portimão, a big town with beaches and shops. On arriving we realised it was a heavy tourist area, all high-rise hotels and apartments and tacky shops and bars.

We had a little walk along the main strip then headed back to the car and decided to try to find the marina.

I am so glad we did!

It was a world away from the main town, with all kinds of yachts! We all picked out our favourite.

Here is mine, an old fishing baot made up all pretty!

So we decided to stop for some lunch and spotted the No Solo Agua Club, we all immediately decided this was the place.

Anywhere with cabana’s is immediately a favourite of mine, there is just something about the idea of spending a day on one of this big beds in the sun by the sea that I love.

Unfortunately we didn’t have time to use the pool on this day, but I could have happily spent the whole day and night here.

The club promoter in me so wanted to throw a party here, or at least go to one.

The food was pretty great too.

We had calamari… with a fresh tomato sauce

A Caprese salad; a huge stack of the juiciest tomatoes and the most amazing mozzarella I have had in a long time.

I ordered a sushi place, and I am not sure if it was the setting and the sunshine but this sushi was the best I have ever had (bearing in mind I have never been to Japan!) I think the freshness of the fish did it.

A seafood stew, in a kind of taco!

Roasted salmon…

Seabass (we’re all about the fish today)

We also made room for pudding, even in the heat.

Crème brûlée

A huge slab of tiramisu…

Massive profiteroles!

A very modern apple tart.

And a beautiful pannacotta.

We loved it here so much we decided to return on our last day, and sadly for us it was closed for a wedding (what a spot for it!), however they also have a more casual restaurant next door on the beach so we went there… and I’ll share that with you tomorrow!

If you are in the area go and spend a day here, it’s lovely. I imagine in high season it is the place to be but it was dead quiet in the pool when we were there, I am booking my ticket for next September now!

No Solo Agua Club


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