Dil Se

October 7, 2011

Dil Se is a vegetarian Indian restaurant at the very top of Gloucester Road that my friend Sarah discovered last year.

It is a set menu and for £12 you get a lot of food, Sarah raved about this place and one very WET Thursday we finally made it there together.

And to make it even better it is bring your own, although they do ask for a small corkage charge.

So for the set menu you get… popodoms and hula hoop-dums, weird but tasty colourful hoops for your…

Homemade mango chutney, and lime pickle (very hot) and the standard onion salad. All wonderful, I want that mango chutney in my cupboard.

The starter is the only course you choose, the Husband ordered this, but I cannot remember what it is! It was a kind of potato dish with coconut and pomegranate and was delicious. It was cold which was a surprise but I am definitely getting this next time!

Jim ordered what we shall called the Indian pizza, and said it was hot. I like this idea I might have to make an Indian pizza for the Boys soon.

And Sarah and I ordered the Dosa, a house speciality which was amazing. I love Dosa’s!

Then for your mains they just bring a selection of yummy dishes for you all to share. They did offer to bring more once we had finished and although stuffed we did ask for more of our favourites.

We are greedy.

There was a spicy aubergine curry, a paneer curry which was my favourite and my first taste of the Indian cheese.

A quite wet dhal, which I have been told is how dhal normally is, this was also fairly mild but delicious.

There was also a potato and pea dish which was another favourite and got gobbled up very quickly.

Then when we thought we couldn’t eat another bite they brought us some Indian sweets.

I have to admit I am not really into these but everyone else enjoyed them, and I did like the fake watermelon shapes, very cute.

I just had a scoop of banana ice cream. My favourite ice cream of all time.

Love our handwritten bill!

Thanks to Sarah and Jim for sharing a great little spot, I cannot wait to go back.

I really love it here, you really feel like you are eating freshly prepared, authentic food it is almost like you are in someones home. Go!

Dil Se


2 Responses to “Dil Se”

  1. That looks lovely! It looks like they might be relatively vegan friendly so we’ll give it a whirl sometime. :)

    Paneer is probably the only thing I miss about being vegetarian. :(

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